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The “Vision T” Plug-in Hybrid SUV Concept unveiled at the 2019 AutoMobility in LA is the seventh in a series of Hyundai Design concepts expressing Hyundai’s evolving Sensuous Sportiness global design language.

The SUV concept car "Vision T" is designed with two themes : Parametric Fantasy and Transcendent Connectivity, based on Hyundai’s design philosophy "Sensuous Sportiness.“


The Vision T is powered by a plug-in hybrid, in keeping with its eco-lifestyle focus and its inherent balance with its environment.  The Plug-in hybrid is a way to accelerate electrification, and Hyundai Motor will reach uncharted design territories to show its future.

Vision T front view


Guided by Hyundai’s Sensuous Sportiness design principle, Vision T's design themes revolve around the concept of Dynamism. Vision T Concept aspires to be on the cutting edge of the most dynamic SUV designs. It is a vision of the new urban adventurer SUV design direction.

The Vision T’s side profile conveys a continual sense of speed and forward motion. The long hood and level roofline coupled with a long wheelbase and short overhangs reflect its dynamic character. In contrast to prevailing compact SUV designs, Vision T uses crisp geometric angles and sharp edges to create a striking contrast between a sleek silhouette and masculine wedge lines.

By using some of Hyundai’s best technology, we have achieved an integrated design of the grille and headlight. This is a signature element of ‘Sensuous Sportiness,’ adding an unexpected emotional value.

Vision T front side view

Dynamic Spirit

Two derivative sub-themes of the dynamic fundamental design concept are Parametric Fantasy and Transcendent Connectivity. In these sub-themes, all parametric surfaces are connected from the body to either light or trim features. It highlights seamless connectivity free from distinct design boundaries. Ambient light reflects off these concave and convex lines creating an extreme sense of tension. Charisma is added with the evolution of a Hidden Signature Lamp derived from the Le Fil Rouge and Grandeur Face Lift. At higher speeds, the Parametric Air Shutter is an original developmental feature that actively adjusts both aerodynamics and design appearance.

It was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2018, with the concept car, Le Fil Rouge. This month in Korea, it was applied to a mass production car for the first time in the Korean Grandeur Face Lift Model. Now, it evolves to the next level with Vision T.


Parametric Air Shutter Grille Design
When stationary, the grille is closed and static. Once in motion, each cell of the grille design continues to move in a prescribed sequence, creating a truly dynamic forward demeanor. This dynamic character includes the functional effect of controlling airflow to the powertrain, optimizing aerodynamics and fuel efficiency.


Integrated Hidden Signature Headlamp

When the powertrain starts, the dark-chrome matte hue of the integrated hidden signature headlamp system features a half-mirror system with a chromium appearance that transforms into functional lighting on demand.

Hyundai designers elevated the appeal of luminous parametric design through hidden DRLs, while the hidden signature lamp represents the next generation of this Hyundai design innovation.

Vision T headlamp

Vision T Profile
The side window design is ultra-clean and seamless, with a futuristic frameless daylight opening and a satin chrome garnish. The oversize satin chrome alloy wheels feature ample voided area with dark orange brake calipers visible within the split-five-spoke wheel design.

The beveled sides of the wheel spokes feature a matte-gray finish descending into the voided areas, highlighting the brilliance of the satin chrome spoke faces. From above, a special glass pattern is embossed within the roof glass structure. These dynamic effects carry into the Hyundai logo design. The H design is dark chrome; when illuminated it is enhanced with a bright green and deep red hue for sharper dimensionality.

The sequenced lighting theme carries through to the rear of the car, demonstrated when the powertrain is shut down and the rear tail lamps and Hyundai logo follow a prescribed light extinguishing sequence, with the Hyundai logo as the last of the rear lighting signature to cease illumination.

The Vision T crossover is a core vehicle that will take us to the next level in SUV design.

It has a long hood and leveled roofline, along with a long wheelbase, and shorter overhangs that emphasize its dynamic character. The avant-garde design gives it a full-length, coupe-like feeling.

Vision T uses angles and edges, to create a striking contrast between a sleek silhouette and masculine wedge lines. This contrast is a design element unique to T, differentiating it from other SUVs.

The charismatic, arresting tension and appeal make this car undeniably Hyundai.

The exterior is a unique mineral-themed design we call parametric surfaces. This completely innovative design concept removes the boundaries of the body, lamps, and grilles. Light gleams off concave and convex surfaces across the body to create extreme tension.

Vision T wheel and lamp


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