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Hyundai Motor Enables Shared Experiences Safely with ‘Stage X Drive-in’ Event, Celebrating Music and Togetherness

2020.05.24 00:00:00 No. 16457

• Hyundai Motor hosted a ‘drive-in’ event designed with safety and social distancing in mind, featuring live music performances

• The three-day event enabled more than 1,000 people to enjoy a life-affirming, shared experience from a safe social distance while parked in a total 900 cars

SEOUL, May 24, 2020 – At a time when many people have needed to cancel or postpone shared experiences like concerts due to COVID-19, Hyundai Motor Company has found a way to bring people together to enjoy both from the safety and comfort of their own cars.

This past weekend, the company hosted the ‘Stage X Drive-in Concert’ event at a site near Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang in the outskirts of Seoul. With 300 cars each day, the three-day event enabled more than 1,000 people to enjoy live music performances from a safe social distance while parked in their cars. There were numerous measures in place with careful consideration for safety in accordance with government guidelines.

“Given the challenging times we live in and the limitations we will face going forward, it was important for us to find ways to celebrate culture and shared experiences safely,” said Cornelia Schneider, Vice President and Head of Global Experiential Marketing. “The times call for new ways of doing things, and we will continue to find innovative ways to empower our customers with cars.”

The program included a pop music concert, featuring performances by diverse K-pop and indie music acts, including Tae Woo Kim, Ailee, SE SO NEON, MOON BAND, and Sultan of the Disco. In addition, the Korean cast of the beloved Broadway musical 42nd Street performed songs from the show. Finally, the New World Philharmonic Orchestra, led by conductor Nanse Gum, performed classical music favorites.

STAGE X is an annual event hosted by Hyundai Motorstudio since 2019, filled with innovative elements providing customers with exciting new experiences. This year’s event was an opportunity not only for artists to perform before a live audience maybe for the first time in months in such scale, but also for music fans to safely enjoy live performances at a time when concerts are few and far between due to venue closures and event cancellations.

Hyundai Motor has joined the global effort to combat COVID-19 through various measures around the world, including offering training centers as treatment facilities in Korea. The company also enabled mobility of frontline personnel by providing fleets of vehicles in Europe and Latin America, and supported drive-thru testing centers throughout the U.S. and in Indonesia.

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