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‘Be There With Hyundai’ Campaign Launches Voting for UEFA EURO 2016 Team Slogans

2016.03.30 15:34:00 No. 6019
‘Be There With Hyundai’ Campaign Launches Voting for UEFA EURO 2016 Team Slogans

‘Be There With Hyundai’ Campaign Launches Voting
for UEFA EURO 2016 Team Slogans
    Hyundai Motor announces shortlisted team slogans for final voting by fans
    - Football fans can vote for their national team’s slogan and also win prizes
   - Winning slogan for each country will appear on official team bus
March 30, 2016 - Hyundai Motor, Official Partner of EURO 2016, announced shortlisted team slogans for the 24 national teams participating in the final tournament as part of its ‘Be There With Hyundai’ campaign. Football fans can now vote for their favorite national team’s slogan at the EURO 2016 website ( until May 2.
The first round of Be There With Hyundai competition gave fans the chance to submit team slogans between December 11, 2015 and March 1, 2016. These have since been shortlisted to the best slogans that captured the passion of the teams. The winning slogan of the national team will be wrapped around the respective national football team bus in its original language and English during the final tournament which takes place from June 10 until July 10.
The fans that submitted winning slogan of each nation will receive a pair of EURO tickets and a Hyundai Premium Set consisting of a replica official match ball, mascot toy, cap and backpack. Voters also have a chance to enter a raffle to win a Hyundai Premium Set.
Hyundai Motor has been an Official Partner of the UEFA European Football Championship since 2000. As an Official Partner of the UEFA European Football Championship, Hyundai Motor has played a key role in providing official vehicles for national football teams, players, officials and guests as well as staging various events and promotions in support of the competition. 

Shortlisted Team Slogans by Country

Country Slogan English translation
Albania Ti Shqipëri më jep nder! Albania, you give me honor
O Sa Mirë Me Qenë Shqiptar! It`s good being Albanian
Fluturo shqipe Fly eagle
Austria Immer wieder, immer wieder,
immer wieder Österreich
Again and again, again and again,
again and again Austria!
Die Adler sind gelandet ! The eagles have landed!
Bis hier her und noch viel weiter! Until here and much further!
Belgium Allemaal samen voor 1 droom!   All together for one dream!
gedreven door 11 miljoen harten Fueled by 11 million hearts
1 team - 1 ambitie 1 Team - 1 Ambition
Croatia Jedan tim, jedan cilj, Hrvatska iznad svih! One team, one goal, Croatia above all!
Srce. Ponos. Hrvatska! Heart. Pride. Croatia!
Nova vatra, staro mjesto, ista nada. New fire, old place, same hope.
Czech Republic ?eskou hrdostí, cesta k vít?zství! Thanks to Czech pride, we are gonna win!
Je ?as slyšet lví ?ev! It´s time to listen to the lions roar!
Jeden tým = Jeden cíl! One team = One Goal!
England One team, one dream  
On the road to the cup  
Go for glory  
France Une équipe, un rêve, allez les bleus A team, a dream, let's go Blues!
Fiers d’être Bleus Proud to be Blue
Votre force, notre passion Your strength, our passion
Germany Die Tour de France zur Titelchance The Tour de France to the title chance
Wir meistern das! We will make it!
Unser Team für Frankreich! Our team for France!
Hungary Ria Ria Hungária! Ry-Ry-Hungary
#csakegyutt sikerülhet! We would succeed only together!
Újra a legjobbak között, mindent bele Srácok Among the best again, bring it on guys!
Iceland Allir sem einn All as one
Áfram Ísland Come on Iceland
Strákarnir Okkar Our boys
Ireland Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it.  
A True Game Changer  
Driven by Passion  
Italy Coloriamo d’azzurro il cielo di Francia Let’s color the sky of France with ‘Azzurro’
Northern Ireland Green and White Army  
Dare to dream  
Our wee country  
Poland Waleczne serca! Razem do zwyci?stwa! Brave hearts! Together to victory!
W bieli i czerwieni, w piłce zjednoczeni In white and red, in football we are united
Ł?czy Nas Piłka  United by football
Portugal Um Sonho Uma Ambição... Portugal Campeão! A dream, an ambition...Portugal Champion!
uma equipa. uma paixão. 11 milhões no coração. força Portugal! ! A Team. A passion. 11 million people in the heart. Go Portugal!
Um passado de glória.Um futuro de Vitória A glorious past. A future of victory!
Romania O echip?, trei culori ?i milioane de inimi care bat pentru România! One team, three colors and millions of hearts beating for Romania!
Pasiunile redau emo?ii, emo?iile nasc victorii. Uni?i pentru România! From passion to emotion, leading to victory. Together for Romania!
În piept acela?i ritm, în vene acela?i sânge, în minte acela?i gând! România! Our hearts beat as one, our minds think alike: Romania!
Russia Одна Команда - миллионы бьющихся сердец! One Team - Millions of beating hearts!
Одна страна, одна семья, одна команда!!! One country, one family, one team!!!
Один за всех и все за одного! One for all and all for one!
Slovakia Jedna lopta, jedna váše?, jeden tím. Ví?azíme spolo?ne One ball, one passion, one team.
Win together.
Za národ, za tím, spolu za ví?azstvami For the nation, for the team,
together to victory.
Jeden národ, jedno srdce, jeden sen! One nation, one heart, one dream!
Spain Un color, una pasión. Somos la Roja. One color, one passion. We are ‘La Roja’
Haciendo soñar de nuevo a un país entero Making an entire country dream again
un sentimiento, una afición ¡Vamos España! A feeling, a passion. Go Spain!
Sweden Tillsammans för Sverige Together for Sweden
Ett lag, ett land, en gemensam dröm!  One team, one country
– sharing the same dream
Vi gör det tillsammans För Sverige Together - for Sweden
Switzerland Vivre - träumen - giocare! Live - dream - play!
Hop Suisse! Hopp Schwiiz! Forza Svizzera! Go Switzerland! Go Switzerland!
Go Switzerland!
Turkey Kolkola,omuz omuza. Haydi Türkiye, birlikte kupaya Arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder.
Turkey will win the cup
Biz Bitti Demeden Bitmez It’s not over until we say it’s over
Sen Türkiye'sin , hiçbir zaman pes etmezsin! Never give up because you are Turkey
Ukraine Гра?мо для укра?нц?в. Боремося за мр?ю. We play for Ukrainians. We fight for a dream.
Мр?я народжу? переможц?в! Victory starts with a dream
м?льйони укра?нських сердець
– ваш 12 гравець
Millions of Ukrainian hearts are with our team
Wales The dragons shall rise  
Passion, Pride, Unity  
Together. Stronger.  
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