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‘Children’s Day Rainbow Festival’ with Immigrant Families

2011.08.23 14:27:29 No. 15877

Hyundai Motor Company announced that it held The 9th Childrens Day Rainbow Festival with the Children of Immigrants in Nanji Hangang Park in Seoul for Childrens Day, with 1,000 immigrant family members and 150 volunteers participating in the festival. This festival is the event that the Korea Immigrant Health Association has been holding and Hyundai Motor Company has been supporting for the last five years to arrange the opportunity to share the right understanding and communication for immigrants in the age of a million foreign immigrants. For the rainbow festival, the world playground with each countrys indigenous plays, talent contest, sports play, talking time, and multi-cultural café taste of each countrys traditional tea were played and performed. The medical check-up service for the participating children was practiced and the book exhibition for immigrant children was held. Even this year 150 college students of the Happy Movement Global Youth Volunteer Group of Hyundai Motor Company participated in the festival as volunteers.

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