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‘Robocar Poli’: 3D Auto Animation Targeting Future Customers

2011.08.23 13:46:54 No. 15893

HMC has developed a 3D animation with its main theme as automobiles, targeting children of over a hundred countries around the world so as to provide them with inspirations and prepare the ground for the future customer group. The first 3D auto animation to be developed in the auto industry, the animation series, with 52 episodes in total, will be aired first in Korea on every Monday and Tuesday in EBS starting on the 28th of this month. The animation, which represents the fruit of collaboration with EBS and Roy Visual, shows a police car named Poli as the main character that works with a variety of other special cars in relief works. The animation will also be aired on BBC, NHK, 4Kids TV (the U.S.) and in 100 other countries. HMC also plans to produce real-life figurines of the characters of Robocar Poli and actively educate children in traffic safety through kids toys and traffic safety campaign DVDs. All these activities will help establish Hyundai as a familiar brand among children. A spokesperson for HMC said: This animation, which is the first in the world to be developed by an actual automotive company, will provide children with a unique experience and mark off the beginning of a creative marketing campaign that utilizes a variety of contents and media.

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