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‘The Classroom of Dreams’ to Yanbien Children

2011.08.23 14:36:14 No. 15882

On the 24th of last May, the donation ceremony of the classroom of dreams from Hyundai Motor was held in Sandau Central Elementary School, Yendauxian, Yanbien Jaoxienzhu Autonomous Zone Jilin Province. Hyundai Motor will construct the multi media room, The Classroom of Dreams, donating school facilities, books, and sports products equivalent to US 50,000 dollars. Actually, the event of The Classroom of Dreams for Sandau Central Elementary School in Yanbien region is The Classroom of Dreams that Hyundai Motor has arranged the second time. In February this year, Hyundai Motor successfully held the event of the Classroom of Dreams for the first time in Ddainxiang Elementary School, Sieshouxien, Guizhou Province. The students of Sandau Central Elementary School were very pleased and satisfied with the support of the company. The students of the class 1 of grade 4 expressed their gratitude, reciting the poem, The Book Dream of Rural Children.

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