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2010 Looking Three-Leafed Clover: Step by Step Closer to Your Dream

2011.11.23 17:43:55 No. 15931

HMGC Holds the 2010 Three-Leafed Clover Project to Help Make the Dreams of Children Victims of Auto Accidents Come True


HMGC has decided to hold the 2010 ThreeLeafed  Clover Campaign for 200 children of victims of auto accidents and announced that it will receive applications from Tuesday, July 6, through Monday, August 2. The campaign, which is being held for the sixth time, seeks to fulfill children’s wishes in three categories— that is, “Happy Supplies,” “Happy Costs,” and  Happy Activities.” Applicants will go through three reviews in total to select the wishes of children of auto accident victims to be made come true.


A spokesperson for HMGC said: “Children of auto accident victims, on top of struggling with financial difficulties already, also tend to lack self-confidence due to the feeling of relative depravity they feel at school and in society. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive emotional and social support program that will help these children become more self-confident and motivated to lead their own lives, focusing on making their “dreams” and wishes come true.”


The online event for the campaign will begin on Tuesday, July 13. Participants who answer:  The Three-Leafed Clover Campaign is OOO” will be given digital cameras, gift certificates and other gifts through lottery.

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