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2011 Hope Fulfill Camp of Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers

2011.11.23 17:52:17 No. 15847

HMC will be hosting the 2011 hope fulfill Camp of Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers beginning in Seoul on September 24. The camp, scheduled to be put on an itinerary around seven major cities in Korea, is to be participated by 250 children of victims of auto accidents.

The company will distribute Pledges of Hope to all the 250 participants in this year’s camp so as to enable them to see the fulfillment of their hopes and wishes. 250 sponsors have also held a one-on-one affiliation ceremony with their sponsored children. HMC began to receive applications for the camp in July, and have finally selected 250 participants through review and screening. The camp is also supported by the Ministry of Administrative Safety and the Safe Living Practice Citizens Solidarity.

HMC held the first camp for children living in the Seoul-Gyeonggi Region on September 24, at the Children’s Traffic Park in Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul. The Seoul camp saw the participation of about 200 people in total, including the children participants, their sponsors, and volunteers. It included the exchange of the Pledges of Hope, a ceremony for affiliation and sponsorship, classes on traffic safety, magic shows, and other recreational activities.

A spokesperson for the company related: “The camp will help materialize the dreams and wishes of all participants, giving them computers, scholarships, travel opportunities, and pets they want and need. HMC will continue to support children of victims of auto accidents in the future.” Celebrating its seventh anniversary this year, HMC’s Looking for Three-Leafed Clovers Campaign seeks to provide for children’s wishes in three areas: namely, providing them with the goods they need, covering their expenses, and supporting their desired activities.

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