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2011 Hope of Wheels: Supporting Children Suffering from Cancer

2011.08.23 14:10:14 No. 15884

Hyundai Motors America (HMA) is planning to raise and donate over 10 million dollars by April 20 at the New York International Auto Show to the 2011 HMC Hope of Wheels Campaign, which will help fund research on cancers affecting children. Hope of Wheels, which celebrates its 13th anniversary this year, will be donating in total 10.2 million dollars (a 15% increase from last year) to childrens hospitals across the country. Starting with the donation of $150,000 to Morgan Stanley New York Presbyterian Childrens Hospital, the campaign will visit and make donations to various hospitals across the United States as well as to organizations specializing in childrens cancer. Through its Scholars financial assistance program, the campaign will provide research funding for 50 hospitals in total in 2011. The intended beneficiaries known as Hyundai Scholars will be getting 2.7 million dollars in total. During its tour campaigning for greater awareness of childrens cancer,

Hyundai will provide an additional 100,000 dollars for each candidate through its September Hope funding program. The days event hosted a session of handprinting on the 2011 model of Hyundais Santa Fe by children diagnosed with cancer. Brianna Commerford (age 13), a survivor and a spokesperson for HMAs national youth program, also participated in the Hope on Wheels handprinting event. John Kravchik, CEO of HMA, said: Im proud of the fact that HMA has provided over 34 million dollars for the last thirteen years to the cause of finding cure for childrens cancer. Our aim is to fund important research on curing and treating children with cancer. Until September, HMAs Hope of Wheels will visit and provide financial aid for 60 hospitals with specialized research programs on childrens cancer. The information on the hospitals that will be benefiting from the first round of the Hope on Wheels donations will be made available at the companys website, HYPERLINK

"http://www.", by August.

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