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2011 Hyundai Summer Concert Held in Germany, Initiating Cultural Marketing in Europe

2011.09.09 17:31:25 No. 15856

On August 25 the local time, HMC held the 2011 Hyundai Summer Concert at the Korean Culture Center in Berlin, drawing in participation from Germans and Korean artists active in Germany. Representing the beginning of HMCs planned cultural marketing efforts for Europe, the concert, featuring the chamber music performance by a string quartet and a luxurious dinner party, was attended by over 100 notables from the local Korean community, including Ambassador Mun Tae-yeong, former German ambassador to Korea Mikael Geiger, CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe(HME) Han Chang-gyun, and so forth. For the event, a string quartet was specially invited from the Seoul City Orchestra, which is currently on a performance itinerary through four European cities. The concert also included an occasion on which select Korean students studying music in Europe received the Hyundai Music Scholarships. These are the first scholarship provided by a private-sector Korean company for Korean students studying music in Europe.

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