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2011 Summer Environment School with Sonata Hybrid

2011.09.09 17:25:03 No. 15858

HMC organized the 2011 Summer environment School with Sonata Hybrid at Hanmaeum Nature School in Jangseong, Jeollanam-do, giving the attending people opportunities to experience the company’s environment-friendly technology and enjoy other various activities. Open to all families with Hyundai cars, the event drew participation from 600 members of 150 families in total, who were divided into five different classes. Each class took place over a period of two days and three nights, from August 1 through August 12.

Whenever the participants travelled to the learning sites on the natural flat land, HMC drove them in Sonata Hybrid, allowing them to experience the company’s environment-friendly technology first-hand and responding to their increasing interest in Sonata Hybrid. In order to help these families learn more about the environment and commitments to sustainability, the school also gave a lecture by the world-renowned environmental activist Jonathan Lee on environmental preservation and took the participants into the world of various organic activities, such as dyeing fabrics with loess, stargazing, catching aquatic organisms from the nearby flat land, and harvesting the fruits and vegetables from the local fields. HMC welcomed these participants with a party and various entertainment activities on the first night of their stay, and provided other valuable services throughout, such as inspecting their vehicles for free and replacing worn out parts.

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