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A Social Enterprise: H&S Duriban Bakery

2011.08.23 10:23:54 No. 15902

H&S Duriban opened its office and began its operation in Paltan-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, on January 22. A company launched by the joint efforts of the Namyang Research Center of Hyundai Motor Company and the Hwaseong Saemaul, this social company intended to generate employment for various disadvantaged groups of society produces and distributes bread for foreign workers. H&S Duriban has been employing disabled persons and seniors living by themselves in the area since last December and is producing rice crackers called Heemang-pung Sarang-pung. The company plans to expand employment opportunities for these groups of people even further in the future.

On January 28, Duriban also opened its first bakery shop and began to sell its products there. Duriban is not only a baking company; it is a social baking company that employs people who are usually excluded from the labor marketplace. You can help the company expand its employment and benefits for these people by purchasing bread from it. The main objective of Hyundai Motor Company is to become a truly socially responsible company and member of society, by fulfilling its social responsibilities and supporting companies like Duriban.

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