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All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback N: Hot coupe design with N driving fun

2018.10.02 15:00:00 No. 16049

• The All-New i30 Fastback N combines sophisticated and elegant design with the proven N fun-to-drive factor

• It is the first five-door hot coupe in the C segment

• Hyundai’s second high-performance model delivers exhilarating driving fun like the i30 N five-door, which has been extremely successful since its market launch a year ago

• The new car comes with the sporty N appearance in the interior and exterior, as well as new exterior colours

• High-performance features derived from the i30 N five-door make the newcomer an everyday sports car that is race-track capable

October 2, 2018 – Hyundai Motor is extending its N range with the All-New Hyundai i30 Fastback N, offering the second high-performance model for the European market. The new vehicle is the first five-door hot coupe in the C segment. The sophisticated, elegant design of the i30 Fastback combine with the exhilarating performance and fun-to-drive features of the i30 N five-door. This makes the newcomer a race-track capable everyday sports car.

“The All-New i30 Fastback N is the stylish variant of the i30 N five-door, made to deliver maximum driving fun to our customers in a sophisticated design,” says Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, Vice President Marketing and Product at Hyundai Motor Europe. “It’s the first five-door hot coupe in the compact car segment and the newest performance-oriented model in our European N range, looking to attract more new customers and let them feel the N feeling.”

Hyundai has developed the N range according to the same philosophy as for its racing cars. The name ‘N’ represents two important components. First, Hyundai Motor’s global R&D Centre in South Korea’s Namyang district, where the idea was born. Second, the Nürburgring, one of the most challenging racetracks in the world and home of Hyundai’s Testing Centre, where the N models are honed. The N logo itself symbolises a chicane, the ultimate corner where the high-performance N models have been further developed and tested. Since its inception in 2015, the N range has performed at the highest level, succeeding in the Nürburgring’s VLN series, the TCR International Series, the Pirelli World Challenge, and the gruelling Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race. The i30 N five-door, which came on to the market in the summer of 2017, performed likewise regarding sales: it has exceeded initial sales expectations. Almost 3,000 i30 N five-door units were sold in the first half of 2018 in Europe, with 100 units of its First Edition sold out in Germany in just 48 hours.

As part of Hyundai’s i30 range, the latest model is the next fun-to-drive car for enthusiasts due to be available across Europe by the end of 2018. It sports unique high-performance design features, such as the front bumper, well known from i30 N five-door, a rear spoiler with glossy black colouring, a unique rear bumper including the triangular-shaped rear fog lamp, alloy wheels as well as the N side sill. Besides all these design elements which appeal to the driver’s eye, the engine accelerates in line with the driver’s heartbeat. The power output of 250 PS in the Standard Package or 275 PS in the optional Performance Package will bring a smile, the N Grin, to the customer’s face when seated behind the i30 Fastback N’s steering wheel.

Sophisticated design with powerful intent

The new car is characterised by its hot, performance-focused appearance. It incorporates the body type of the i30 Fastback with its strong stance, charismatic front and sleek, teardrop-shaped cabin. To create the first hot five-door coupe in the C segment, the All-New i30 Fastback N comprises N model-specific performance design features – introduced with the i30 N five-door.

Distinguishing elements which underline the N look are the unique front bumper, coupled with the prominent Cascading Grille. The family’s identity, which highlights the strong character of the car, shows clearly where the model originates. The grille features the N emblem, which additionally enhances the sense of high performance. At the front, the new model also expresses its hot and sporty appearance through the black bezel of the LED headlights as well as through the red-coloured character line which contrasts visually with the bodywork.

At the rear, it is again the dynamic-looking bumper that immediately catches the eye, supporting the car’s strong shoulders. On its lower part, the rear bumper is underlined by an elegantly shaped character line reflecting in red. Moreover, its generously arched rear spoiler integrated into the tailgate is accentuated with a glossy black line. To complete the car’s charismatic impression, the triangular rear fog lamp is integrated into the section between the dual twin mufflers, a dedicated design element of Hyundai’s high-performance range.

Finally, the All-New i30 Fastback N’s profile underlines the performance-oriented character of the car. An elegant sloping roofline, a long bonnet and a muscular body with wide wheel arches define the sports coupe’s dynamic proportions. At the car’s side, the N appearance is picked up again with the 18- and 19-inch wheels’ exceptional N design and the black side sill of the lowered body.

The latest model does not compromise on interior roominess for its sporty and elegant exterior design. With a generous luggage capacity of up to 450 litres and a maximum of 1,351 litres with the seats folded flat, the car offers a high day-to-day usability.

The vehicle’s interior is equally focused on true performance features. The centrepiece of the interior is the exclusive ‘N’ sports steering wheel, which ensures the driver is in 100 percent control of all driving performance features directly by hand. It is manufactured with a red-coloured stitching. Pushing the characteristic dark metal painted N button with a chequered flag icon on the right side allows direct access to the N mode. In addition, the N mode can be accessed via customised settings which become visible on the navigation screen. On the left, drivers can select three standard drive modes: Normal, Sport and Eco. Above the N button, drivers can activate the rev button to use the Rev matching control system for better engine control. The N logo is positioned on the base of the steering wheel. The gear shift also features red stitching in line with the coherent colour design and is finished with glossy red metal paint. The air vents continue the sporty look with red-coloured trims.

The interior is available with a colour combination of Black and Red Point. The Red Point trim sets red colour accents to create a sporty and subtle look inside the car, for example on the seats, which are available in cloth or optionally in a combination of suede and leather. Both combinations feature red stitching. The seat belts and headliner are designed in an elegant, sophisticated Black.

The All-New i30 Fastback N is available in a number of exciting exterior colours, allowing customers to further express themselves by choosing colours such as the mature Shadow Grey, the new model’s exclusive colouring. In addition, the range includes Polar White, Phantom Black, Engine Red, Performance Blue and Micron Grey.
With a width of 1,795 mm and a length of 4,455 mm, the new car has the same dimensions as the i30 Fastback. The height is 1,417mm (250 PS) and 1,419 mm (275 PS), thus up to 8 mm lower than the i30 Fastback (overall height 1,425 mm), further supporting the car’s powerful stance and dynamic appearance.

Powerful performance to 'feel the N feeling'

Performance and practicality for both urban commuting and track driving are well balanced in the All-New i30 Fastback N. Its high-performance technology delivers fun to drive every day, making the driver’s heart beat faster when seated behind the wheel. It leads to full precision, control, safety and durability. State-of-the-art high-performance features can be effectively combined to provide a smooth and controlled ride. The high-performance configuration can be set individually by the driver, depending on the driving mood.

This is why the Hyundai N models have been equipped with the N Grin Control system. It allows drivers to choose from five different drive modes by using the dedicated buttons on the steering wheel. The different settings – Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom – change the character of the car, adjusting various driving parameters.

The new vehicle is powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, which offers two different power outputs in combination with front-wheel drive. Customers can choose between the Standard Package engine, which delivers 250 PS (fuel consumption combined: 7.7 l/100 km; CO2 combined: 176 g/km*), and the Performance Package engine with a maximum power output of 275 PS (fuel consumption combined: 7.8 l/100 km; CO2 combined: 178 g/km*). Both variants generate a maximum torque of 353 Nm. The car has an overboost function which is activated as soon as maximum torque is achieved. It enables the torque to be further increased up to 378 Nm. The hot five-door coupe accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds* with the Standard Pack and in 6.1 seconds* with the Performance Pack. The maximum speed is 250 km/h.

A precise and smooth shift is achieved by the six-speed manual transmission. It creates a sporty feeling by means of a reduced stroke and ensures that the driver looks forward to the next gear change. The power of the engine is transferred directly to the gear train in order to always be ready for shifting without any torque interruption.

True driving enthusiasts will enjoy the Performance Package of the All-New i30 Fastback N. It features the N Corner Carving Differential, which stands for the Electronically Controlled Limited Slip Differential (e-LSD) device, which guarantees exceptional traction. By increasing the cornering speed, it provides a unique carving feeling when the driver accelerates the car through a curve. In addition, it reduces wheel slip and understeering in specific conditions. The Variable Exhaust Valve System is also part of the Performance Package, enabling the driver to select different exhaust sounds depending on the drive mode. A more powerful sound makes the driving experience even more emotional. By using this system, drivers are able to actively control the exhaust valve as the sound differs with the size of the valve opening. Fitted with the Performance Package, the new model comes with 19-inch Pirelli P-Zero high-performance Hyundai N tyres. The Standard Package comes with 18-inch Michelin tyres.

Drivers can easily activate the rev-matching function with a single touch of a button mounted on the steering wheel. The system enhances driving pleasure by supporting downshifts. It synchronises the engine’s speed to the input shaft speed for the next gear during the shift process, thus enabling smoother and sportier downshifts. The Electronic Controlled Suspension (ECS) further adjusts the performance according to the requirements during cornering, accelerating and braking. Four variable dampers, mounted on the independent four wheels and operated by the use of a solenoid valve, guarantee a precise and immediate damping force control. As a result, the ride and handling are improved as well as the vehicle’s overall stability on the track.

Good control of the brakes is crucial for a high-performance car. The i30 Fastback N is equipped with floating brake callipers, designed in the distinctive red N look, allowing the driver to lock the brake before cornering as late as possible. It is less sensitive than a fixed calliper system and prevents early brake fade. Air curtains located at the front cool the brakes.

* CO2 emissions and fuel consumption under current WLTP testing converted to NEDC.

Smart connectivity features and top standard active safety

State-of-the-art connectivity features make the All-New i30 Fastback N a smart, rewarding choice. Customers can choose between the Display audio system with an eight-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen with integrated dynamic rear-view camera and Bluetooth connectivity or the navigation system with an eight-inch capacitive touchscreen. For drivers who wish to connect their smartphones with the infotainment systems, Hyundai provides both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both systems enable users to connect their devices to deliver and control music, telephone or navigation functions on-screen. Seamless connectivity allows drivers and passengers to stay connected while remaining focused on the road. To ensure that occupants’ phones are always charged, the new model also provides a wireless inductive charging pad (Qi standard) for mobile phones and a USB port located in the centre console. The specific N mode screen menu also offers customisable settings for the engine, Rev matching, exhaust sound and Performance Package settings.

The navigation system comes with a seven-year free subscription to LIVE services. LIVE Services offer updated information in real time: weather, traffic, speed cameras, fuel prices, parking situation and online searches for points of interest, as well as Hyundai dealerships.

To comply with the highest European safety standards the i30 Fastback N features Hyundai SmartSense active safety and driving assistance technologies: Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (standard), Driver Attention Warning (standard), Lane Keeping Assist (standard), High Beam Assist (standard) and Intelligent Speed Limit Warning.

With a high percentage of Advanced High Strength Steel, the new car benefits from high rigidity, high impact energy absorption and minimised distortion in order to protect passengers in the event of a collision.

A total of up to seven airbags are installed around the interior. Besides the six standard airbags (two front airbags, two side airbags and two curtain airbags from first to second row protecting both driver and passengers), the knee airbag is an additional safety feature for the driver in the event of a frontal collision.

Technical Data and Dimensions

 Type THETA 2.0 T-GDI, 16-valve MLA, DOHC E-CVVT
 Capacity 1,998 cc
 Bore x stroke 86.0 x 86.0 mm
 Compression ratio 9.5
 Power 250 PS (184 kW) @ 6,000 rpm
 Torque 353 Nm @ 1,450 ~ 4,000 rpm
 378 Nm with Overboost Function
 Maximum speed (km/h) 250
 0-100 km/h (seconds) 6.4
 CO2 combined (g/km)* 176
 Fuel consumption combined (l/100 km)* 7.7
 Fuel consumption urban (l/100 km)* 10.7
 Fuel consumption extra-urban (l/100 km)* 5.9

 GASOLINE: THETA   2.0T-GDI with Performance Package (275PS)**
 Type THETA 2.0 T-GDI, 16-valve MLA, DOHC E-CVVT
 Capacity 1,998 cc
 Bore x stroke 86.0 x 86.0 mm
 Compression ratio 9.5
 Power 275 PS (202 kW) @ 6,000 rpm
 Torque 353 Nm @   1,450 ~ 4,700 rpm
 378 Nm with Overboost Function
 Maximum   speed (km/h) 250 
 0-100 km/h   (seconds) 6.1
 CO2   combined (g/km)* 178
 Fuel consumption combined (l/100 km)* 7.8
 Fuel consumption urban (l/100 km)* 10.6
 Fuel consumption extra-urban (l/100 km)* 6.1


Gasoline engines - speeds

Engine2.0 T-GDI   (250 PS)2.0T-GDI   (275 PS)

Gear ratios**

STD (250PS)P PKG (275PS)
GEAR RATIO1ST3,0833,083 
2ND1,931 1,931 
3RD1,696 1,696 
4TH1,276 1,276 
5TH1,027 1,027 
6TH0,854 0,854 
REVERSE3,588 3,588 
3.176 (3/4/5/6)
4.333 (1/2/R)
3.250 (3/4/5/6)


 Front McPherson Strut
 Rear Multi-Link


 General RACK & PINION
 Overall steering gear ratio Std. Package : 12.26 (@360°) , Perf. Package : 12.31   (@360°)
 Steering wheel turns (Lock to lock) 2.14
 Min. turning radius (m) 5.8


 Front Disc Type, 17" (Standard) / 18"   (Performance Package)
 Rear Disc Type, 16" (Standard) / 17"   (Performance Package) (HAND PARKING) 
 Master cylinder Φ23.81
 Booster size 10" (LHD,RHD)

Wheels and tyres

 Wheel type                                Tyres
 7.5Jx18 AL 225/40R18
 8.0Jx19 AL 235/35R19

Dimensions (mm)**


 Overall length 4,455
 Overall width 1,795 
 Overall height 1,417 (Standard)/ 1,419 (Performance Package)
 Wheelbase 2,650
 Front overhang 905
 Rear overhang 900
 Ground clearance 132


 Fuel tank (litres) 50
 Luggage   space (litres) Minimum   450 (436   with rear stiffness bar)
 Maximum   1,351 (1,337   with rear stiffness bar)

* CO2 emissions and fuel consumption under current WLTP testing converted to NEDC.
**Technical data are tentative, hence subject to changes.


About Hyundai Motor Europe
In 2017, Hyundai Motor achieved registrations of 523,258 vehicles in Europe – an increase of 3.5 per cent compared to 2016, growing stronger than the market. Hyundai has the youngest line-up in Europe, 90 per cent of the models are less than two years old. 75 per cent of the vehicles Hyundai sold in the region are models designed, engineered, tested and built in Europe to meet the needs of European customers, served by the company’s extensive European infrastructure. This includes two factories in the Czech Republic and Turkey, which have a combined annual capacity of 600,000 units. Hyundai Motor sells cars in 31 European countries through 2,500 outlets.

Hyundai Motor offers its unique Five Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty package with all new cars sold in the region, providing customers with a five-year warranty with no mileage limit, five years of roadside assistance and five years of vehicle health checks.

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