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Building Public Latrines in Ethiopian Slums

2011.08.23 15:14:31 No. 15865

The Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Corps, consisting of 60 Korean university students, arrived in Adis-Ababa, Ethiopia, last month on a mission from HMC to build public latrines for inhabitatns of the citys slums and provide repair services for kitchens. Kevede Abebe, director of Habitat Ethiopia, explained: While building houses remains an urgent issue, the first and foremost aim of Habitat is to provide decent houses equipped with necessary amenities, such as bathrooms. The project was a decision made by the volunteers corps. Pointing out that latrines form the threshhold of the minimum decency required of housing, Abebe added: Providing bathrooms for schools is especially important for children. Ethiopians have participated in the Korean War for the South Korean cause. Financial aid is of course important, but services provided by volunteers from overseas often leave greater impression on the locals.

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