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Commitment to Mutual Growth Brings Smiles on Merchants in Outdoor Markets

2011.11.23 17:52:39 No. 15849

With the coming of Hangawi(Korean Thanksgiving Day), Hundai Motor Co.,Ltd. selected the month of September as the period for “Hangawi Welcoming Social Service Campaign ’ and carried on diverse social contribution activities. This activity included delivering Korean tradition festival foods and daily necessities to the underprivileged neighbors such as elders living alone, a child head of a household, physically impaired persons, etc. with the participation of company-wide staff & executive social service groups from head office, Ulsan, Jeonju and Namyang Research Institute, etc.

Hyundai Motor is getting the effect of ‘Killing two birds with one stone”, that is, helping poor neighbors by delivering gift cards purchased from traditional markets at Hangawi and Lunar New Year’s Day every year, and vitalizing the traditional markets; on the sixth past, Hyundai Motors purchased the gift card amounting to 5.5 billion won from Onnuri traditional market to provide them to all staff and executives of Hundai Motor.

Hyundai Motor’s company-wide warm hands continued to reach the vulnerable areas as follows: Jeonju Plant of Hyundai Motor opened ‘Chuseok Sharing Marketplace’ where they sold agro-specialties, making a great success while research & development headquarters delivered Onnuri gift cards amounting to 40 million won to Hwaseong-si. In addition, in the afternoon of the 7th past, president of Hyundai Motor Kim, Eok-jo and branch manager of labor union Lee, Kyung-hoon visited the market in front of a train station at Jung-gu, Ulsan to buy goods for ancestral rites for Chuseok using Onnuri gift cards, and they said, “We hope that our traditional market will be more revitalized through the use of the gift cards by not only the workers at Hyundai Motor but also Ulsan citizens.”

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