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Delivering the Equus Scholarships

2011.08.23 14:17:41 No. 15886

On April 25, HMGC in China held a ceremony to deliver the Equus Scholarships at the Beijing Aviation College Conference Center, which will benefit university students in disaster-stricken and poor areas of China. The ceremony was attended by the city officials, delegates from the Beijing Youth Development Fund, as well as representatives of HMGC. HMGC has set aside 1% of all proceeds from Equus sales to provide a total of 4,000 yuan each year for 100 students enrolled at universities in Beijing who are struggling with financial difficulties. The HMGC Equus Scholarships for University Students in Disaster-Stricken Areas will be broadened to benefit 200 more students in other disaster-stricken, poor areas of China, including Shanghai and Sechuan.

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