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Donating Pianos to Elementary Schools in China

2011.10.21 14:59:42 No. 15960

As part of its plan to provide 100 pianos to elementary and junior-high schools in China, HMC has provided free pianos and vehicles to elementary schools in Szepang, Szechuan, and Gongching, Xiangxi. The deliver y of free pianos to these schools was done as part of a public-interest program Hyundai Motors China Limited is conducting in association with the Beijing Investment Promotion Center and the local authorities of Xiangxi and Gongching. Many employees of various departments at HMC, including Director Lee Gwang-ki of the Executive Planning Team, participated in the drive for raising supplies and other goods. Principal Suen Jie of Beijing Elementary School in Szepang expressed gratitude for HMC’s donation activities and HMC employees who donated various school supplies.

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