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Efforts for children’s traffic safety will be continued this year

2015.08.03 15:58:29 No. 15801

Hyundai Mot Company conducts an easy interesting traffic safety education campaign each year by utilizing “Robocar Poli”, the popular animation character. Since it first started in 2013, a total of 40 thous children in many nursery schools kindergartens nationwide have participated in class over two years. This year, the company is aiming to produce even me interesting better programs f children’s traffic safety class. You may wonder how it has changed. The following photos capture the scenes from this year’s first “Hyundai Mot Company Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class”.

On the mning of Wednesday, May 27th, Hyundai Mot Car visited Sangrok-su Nursery School located in Jongno, Seoul. Hyundai Mot Company officials, Coalition of Citizens f Safety officials, nursery school teachers sixty students gathered together on this special day. Robocar Poli attended the event as well, being kissed applauded, proving his popularity. He’s just a superstar.

With the opening remarks by Hyundai Mot Company CSV Strategy Team General Manager Kim Tae-uhn CCS Vice President Park Yeon-hong, this year’s first Hyundai Mot Company Traffic Safety Class was kicked off. Vice President Park Yeon-hong said: “We are very pleased to take part in this campaign to promote the establishment of a safety culture with Hyundai Mot Company” Manager Kim Tae-uhn responded: “Let’s try together to establish exp the safety culture f the children’s traffic safety through continuous partnership”, receiving a huge round of applause.

The video on traffic safety was played, then the cute “traffic safety dance” with children followed. Looking at the cute children who danced along with Robocar Poli the CCS teacher made everyone smile warmly.

“Shall we go on with the first class of Hyundai Mot Company Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class?” Hyundai Mot Company’s Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class is mainly divided into two types ? the Visiting Traffic Safety Class held indos Traffic Safety Car Class held outdos. The first class of this year held both types. The first session of the Visiting Traffic Safety Class was the road crossing practice through role play. This is where the children get to learn about safety tips when crossing the road through role play while acting out a fun sty f children.

The children became the animation characters in Robocar Poli ? Poli, Doogi, Amber Jenny, f a situational role play where they cross the road. After a competitive cast process, some children were ed f the roles.

Jenny takes a cautious approach, looking both ways befe crossing the road. But, a man who has learned about traffic safety tries to jaywalk. Then, Poli comes along says, “Be careful! Jaywalking is dangerous! You should cross the crosswalk when the light is green.” Everyone then crossed the road when the light was green, making f a happy ending. Every child, deeply immersed in the enthusiastic role play, applauded enthusiastically.

Then, shall we go outside now? The front yard of the nursery school has been transfmed into a traffic safety trial site. Safety related education, including safely getting into out of cars, road crossing safety, bicycle safety, blind spot safety seatbelt education, is conducted here. The Traffic Safety Car Class is a deliberately planned program that is designed to advance children’s understing on safety to a higher level.

The crosswalk safety learning session got started. It has been said that a huge ption of children’s traffic accidents takes place while they are crossing the road. So, it is very imptant to teach children to look at the traffic lights both ways to see if any cars are coming, then cross the road. “When the light turns green, look both ways, then check to make sure the cars have stopped. Raise your left h walk on the right side of the crossroad,” said the CCS teacher. Then, every child shouted out loud: “Yes!” Everyone in the class went on the crossroad trial in turn. The children looked closely at their friends walking across the crosswalk then followed them. It was such a lovely scene.

Next came the children’s beloved bicycle safety session. The children closely listened to the teacher saying, “You need to put on a helmet when riding on a bicycle. Bicycles only fit your body if your feet can touch the ground while seated.” The children put on their leg-guards sat on the bicycle to learn me about safe riding.

The children get into the traffic safety trial vehicle one by one. This session is about how to get in out of a car safely. In the vehicle, the children learn about how to buckle up how to safely get in to out of a car. “When you get in a car, you need to find your seat first buckle up,” said Poli. Robocar Poli animation character gave advice on how to safely get in out of a car in an easy manner so the children were able to underst easily.

The children also learned about how to safely get out of a car. They were taught to look both ways get out in an derly manner. The children who viewed the education video look quite serious, right? The learning effect seems to become apparent studying the video having an onsite experience. Hyundai Mot Car’s Traffic Safety Trial Vehicle will go as far as farming fishing villages so that the children in underprivileged regions can also get to partake in the Traffic Safety Class. We all look fward to the results that Traffic Safety Trial Vehicle will achieve!

In a token of celebration f completing the traffic safety class, the children were offered “home-use kits”. F all three sessions, a kit that matches the training contents was given at the end of each session. Today, the children received DVDs on making a mini crosswalk traffic safety. They probably will watch it together with their parents make a mini sized crosswalk, remembering what they have learned, right?

“I will not jaywalk. I will walk on the right side of crosswalk. I will cross the road only on the crosswalk, subway walk overpass,” said children following the teacher, making their commitment to traffic safety plain. I hope that the children grow up to be healthy brave, while keeping the promises they have made today.

The first “Hyundai Mot Company Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class” ended. It was definitely a valuable time f there was a lot of imptant sessions about the traffic safety program. Hyundai Mot Company’s Robocar Poli Traffic Safety Class will always keep in mind that children’s safety is tantamount to the nation’s safety will make every efft to securing children’s safety. We look fward to your cheers suppt f “Robocar Polic Traffic Safety Class 2015”, which will be attended by 7,000 children through 200 rounds of classes.

(Sangroksu Nursery School Kim Seo-yeon from Star class and Koo Jung-ahn from Truth class)

Q) What was the most interesting session in today’s class?
Kim Seo-yeon:Crossing the road. I learned that even under the green light, I need to look both ways to see whether a car is coming raise my left h first befe crossing.
Ku Jeon-ahn: I need to buckle up when I get on the shuttle bus on my dad&#39s car. Then, I can be safe. I am going to tell this to my dad mom when I get home.

Q) Can you promise once again that you will keep the safety rules?
Kim Seo-yeon: I will protect myself! I will be a child that keeps safety rules!
Koo Jeon-ahn: I will not jaywalk. I will fasten my seatbelts! I will always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle!

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