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Entertainment on Visit for Seniors

2011.11.15 13:19:06 No. 15840

HMC Plant in Jeonju organized a special event of entertainment for seniors of two social service organizations in the Jeonbuk region over a two-day period, from October 27 to 28. Immanuel Hill, located in Wanju County, and Wonshimwon, located in Jeonju, are retirement homes for seniors and af?liated with the HMC Jeonju plant. Employees and members of the union visited seniors in these organizations and performed traditional Korean music and dance. Held in part with assistance from the Jeonbuk Provincial Institute of Traditional Korean Music, the event provided a special opportunity for seniors, mostly ill and immobile, to enjoy entertainment and arts. The seniors certainly made a great and welcoming audience, enjoying the performances and greeting the performers with enthusiastic applauses and dances.


The Jeonju plant of HMC also donated goods of 85 million won in total value, including large LED TV screens and anti-slippery floor materials, for the seniors’ enjoyment and safety.  

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