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Global White Band Campaign Happening All at Once in 32 Countries

2011.11.23 17:50:21 No. 15839

In celebrating the World Anti-Poverty Day on October 17, the dealerships and business locations of Hyundai around the world launched this year’s White Band Campaign all at the same time. The campaign seeks to raise fund and food aid for East Africa, which is suffering from the most devastating draught in the last sixty years. Through fundraising involving Hyundai employees and citizens of many countries around the world, the campaign helps to spread a global culture of sharing and charity.

The White Band Campaign, a major program of Hyundai that seeks to fulfill its social responsibilities owed to humankind, consists of: an anti-poverty program, including fundraising by employees intended to benefit children in poor countries; participation of employees in sharing meals; the Anti-Poverty Walkathon, organized and participated by the Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Corps; the Hope We Move Concert and the fundraising from attending citizens, and so forth. Various offices and dealerships of Hyundai in the United States, Germany, China, India, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and other countries displayed anti-poverty slogans, banners, and posters in their buildings to raise awareness of the White Band Campaign. Hyundai employees also wore the white bands during the campaign period and waged various localized anti-poverty programs, such as donating food, volunteering in social programs, raising fund from customers, and so forth.

They also installed fundraising boxes targeting employees. The online and of?ine fundraising channels were employed to the full to revive a culture of charity and voluntary sharing. Hyundai has been holding the White Band Campaign against worldwide poverty for the last ?ve years, starting in 2007.

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