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Greening up Neimunggu, a Source of Spring Desert Storms

2011.08.23 15:13:41 No. 15863

Since mid-July, HMCs volunteer corps consisting of Korean and Chinese university students, Chinese Internet users, members of the local press, employees of HMC and their family members, has been working on the Hyundai Green Zone Project on the Kunsandak Desert in Neimunggu, Chakannoor. Through four years of greening efforts in the region, the company has succeeded in turning a total of 380 million square meters of the desert into green spaces, in recognition of which HMC became the first Korean company to win the 2010 China CSR Grand Prize. A spokesperson for the company explained: The deserts in China should be approached from a global perspective, as they can affect the entire Northeast Asia. The Hyundai Green Zone Project is a successful case study in how a multinational corporation shares responsibilities and burdens with local governments, NGOs, and citizens in tackling environmental issues.

HMCs project to prevent the spread of deserts in Asia is a long-term ecological project aiming to restore original prairies to the Inner Mongolia region, in cooperation with Eco Peace Asia and Zeng Bai Wi, a renowned Chinese expert on ecology and member of the Ecological Poverty Rescue Committee. Zeng, who has worked for the last 20 years on improving the alkaline lakes and surrounding environments in Chakannoor, said: This region used to be arid, desolate desert until four years ago. Thanks to the efforts made in the recent years, the western part of the bottom of the lake is now covered in knee-high gambong. HMC is creating a new paradigm on how to approach the issue of desert. HMC intends to hold a briefing for related persons in China on the progress it has made over the last four years in its project in Inner Mongolia. The company will also submit a report to the UN to have its approach officially recognized as an effective paradigm on the issue of environmental preservation and ecological restoration.

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