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HMC Engages in Various Social Activities to Celebrate the Family Month

2011.11.23 17:44:07 No. 15941

May is the “family month” in South Korea. In celebration of this period, HMC engages in a variety of social commitment activities and programs, including running free dry-clean shops for low-income families in certain areas, providing toy rental service for children, and running a program intended to prevent children from going missing or being kidnapped.

In addition, on May 6 HMC also delivered 173 million won to the Buk-gu General Social  Welfare Center in Hogye-dong, Buk-gu, Ulsan. Intended to help spread the message of hope and encouragement especially to the marginalized groups of the local community in Ulsan, the money will be spent on: (1) assisting the Eoulim Welfare Foundation in running the free dry-clean service (70 million won); (2) assisting the Ulsan Social Welfare Council to help it run the toy rental service for children (80 million won); and (3) assisting the Ulsan headquarters of the Children’s Fund in running its program to prevent children from going missing or being idnapped (23 million won).

Named Autoway Happy Dry Cleaner’s, the free dry clean service is provided from a post within the Buk-gu General Social Welfare Center for seniors living by themselves, persons with physical disabilities, low-income families and social workers resident in the area.

Autoway Toy Library will also be launched so as to provide a safe and systematic play area for children of low-income households in the local community. Built within the Ulsan Seniors’ Welfare Center, the library will rent toys and books out for free and provide professional classes on various play activities and games.

Autoway School Airbags will be provided and a play on the danger of kidnapping will be set up by the Ulsan headquarters of the Children’s Fund for children ages between 4 and 9. The puppet performance, for children at kindergartens and elementary schools, will help children understand dangers of kidnapping and how to avoid such dangers. A spokesperson for the company said: “We will continue with our social commitment programs that are intended to make all groups and classes of people in Ulsan enjoy better qualities of life.”

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