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HMC Launches a Website for Children’s Safety and Environmental Preservation

2011.08.23 10:27:41 No. 15904

On January 25, Hyundai Motor Company launched its new website named Happy Way Drive dedicated to various edutainment contents about childrens safety and environmental preservation. The new website represents an expansion of the existing Childrens Traffic Safety Campaign and the Childrens Safety and Environmental Preservation Campaign that HMC has been waging for many years. The website provides a wide range of features that children can play and use to learn more about their safety issues, such as animations, games, Web comic streams, diagrams and graphs, and the bulletin board of helpful tips and information. The website contents are organized with such categories as Happyway Program, Protect Safety, and Protect the Environment. It also displays information about all of the social commitment programs and campaigns HMC provides for children.

The website is also a central part of HMCs Please Protect Campaign, which provides helpful lifestyle guidelines that families can follow and check for themselves every month. In addition, it provides a variety of learning materials developd by safety- and environment-related organizations that could be used not only at home, but in classes as well. HMC seeks to use the new Happyway Drive website to increase the publics knowledge about the wide range of its children-oriented programs across various areas, such as traffic safety, the environment, education and science, music, arts and performance, and social welfare.


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