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HMC Provides Classes in Traffic Safety Training

2011.08.23 13:17:09 No. 15906

Looking for Three-Leafed Clover (a campaign for the children of victims of traffic accidents) The African headquarters of HMC conducted, in conjunction with GB Auto in Egypt, the Looking for Three-Leafed Clover Campaign in Egypt, which seeks to make come true the dreams and wishes of childre of victinms of auto accidetsn. The campaign invited children of victims of auto accidents to the HMC office in the region, provided classes in traffic safety training, and hosted performances by the Happy Move Global Youth Volunteer Corps members. All participants agreed on the importance of the purpose of the campaign and were quite enthusiastic in supporting these traffic safety programs intended for children. This years campaign marked a significant improvement compared to last years. Classes were also provided in the schools and communities of Nigeria on how to prevent the spread of malaria.

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