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HMC Spreads Generosity and Hope through Communal Kimchi Making

2011.08.23 14:12:25 No. 15883

On March 29, HMC(Management & Administration Division) and the Seocho Public Hanwoori Information Culture Center held a ceremony to launch their joint regular volunteer program. After their first mission, which involved cleaning and improving the Center as well as providing assistance to the weekly activities taking place there, Hyundai employees also participated in the communal kimchi making program. On April 23, that is, 50 people of officials & employees and hadicaped from Hyundai gathered together at the Center to make kimchi to be shared with the locals. The kimchi made at the days event, which was prepared to help strengthen local solidarity, was distributed to 50 households of people with severe physical disabilities. Future volunteer programs include: special tutoring sessions for local children; job search with students attending Hanwoori Culture College; repairing and maintaining homes of local families with disabled persons and low income.

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