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HMC Throws a Charity Concert

2011.11.18 15:35:21 No. 15910

HMC held the Special Christmas Concert with HMC on  Friday, December 24, to celebrate the successful completion  of HMC’s Guardian Angels’ Campaign. The concert, held on the outdoor stage outside the Hongnye Gate of the Gyeongbok Royal Palace in Seoul, invited 3,000 guests in total, including the customers who participated as donors in the campaign as well as members of the Children’s Fund and the Children’s Cancer Association. HMC conducted The Guardian Angels’ Campaign from July until December this year, in conjunction  with the Children’s Fund and the Korean Leukemia and Children’s Cancer Society, to raise fund from among the HMC customers, by giving them special discounts of 100,000 won each for every 50,000 won or a blood donation certification donated by each customer. The concert featured a host of celebrities reporting on the successful outcomes of the campaign, including actors Choi Bul-am and Park Sang-won as well as soccer legend and coach Hong Myeong-bo. Yang Seung-seok, CEO of HMC, delivered the 5 billion won and 30,000 blood donation certificates raised from customers to the Children’s Fund and the Children’s Cancer Society, respectively. Including the money and blood certificates HMC donated in October, HMC has donated 8 billion won and 50,000 blood donation certi?cates in total this year. Part of the money donated two months earlier (1.1 billion won) has already been delivered to students at 2,239 high schools across Korea as financial aid and scholarships. Popular singers, such as In Sun-yi, Tae Jin-a and Maya, graced the stage at the concert, along with performances by tenor Kim Dong-gyu and the Little Angels’ Choir. A spokesperson for HMC said: “This concert was a special occasion prepared by HMC to convey thanks to HMC customers and other people who have participated in the campaign and are working hard to make their communities better. As a leading brand in Korea, HMC will continue to engage in a variety of social programs that will enable its customers to make contributions to the improvement of lives of their neighbors.”

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