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HMGC Donates School Supplies to Beijing Elementary School

2010.03.30 14:01:15 No. 15964

From January 6 through January 13, employees atHMC participated in a drive to raise various schoolsupplies, to be sent to Beijing Elementary Schoolin Szepang, Szechuan. The drive was conductedas part of HMCs plan to provide 100 pianos forelementar y and junior-high schools in China,sponsored by Hyundai Motor Group Limited inChina and managed in association with the BeijingInvestment Promotion Center and the BeijingForeign ?Invested Businesses Association. Varioussupplies donated by Hyundai employees weredelivered to the school. These essential suppliesincluded books, pens, rulers, calculators, textbookson English, politics, history, and geography, as wellas other athletic goods, such as soccer balls, volleyballs,ropes, and so forth.

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