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HMGC: spreading hope and courage among youths through movies

2011.11.23 17:47:24 No. 15954

From April, 2009, onward, HMGC has played 《Invisible Wings》, a public-spirited movie, to the audiences of 200 elementary and middle schools in Beijing. Students who have seen the movie were encouraged to submit their reviews. This campaign, intended to inspire in students sentiments of patriotism and passion for life and hard work in general, drew to a close on March 13 this year with the award ceremony held at Beijing Hyundai Plant I. The award-winning reviews were collected and published in an anthology entitled, 《Let Us Soar with Our Wings Spread: Student Reviews of Invisible Wings》. Copies of the anthology were distributed among all the elementary and middle schools in Beijing for free. HMGC makes its best efforts to educate China’s young as a vital part of Chinese economy.

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