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Hyundai Becomes a Guardian Angel for Local Communities

2011.11.17 13:58:42 No. 15926

HMC will enlist the participation of its customers in spreading support and messages  of hope for children suffering from diseases and other hardships. HMC Domestic sales Headquarters recently, Director Shin Yeong-dong of the Domestic Sales Headquarters, Kim Won-jin activing as representative for president of the Childfund, Choi Bulam, an actor and the president of sponsors for the Childfund, and Secretary-General Cheon Jin-wook of the Korean Leukemia and Children’s Cancer Society held a ceremony, along with 50 or so other attendees, to sign the agreement on supporting the HMC Guardian Angels’ Campaign.

The campaign consists of two main activities: that is, the Spread-Hope Fundraising and the Blood Donation Drive. The fundraising activity will allow you to make cash transfers to the Childfund account from your credit card or bank account if you want. Each customer who makes a donation of 50,000 won or more will receive a special discount of 100,000 won on purchasing a Hyundai vehicle. You can get the same discount for every blood donation cert ?cate you give to any HMC of?ce or dealership upon purchasing a Hyundai vehicle.

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