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Hyundai Best Young Player Award at 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany

2011.08.23 15:16:12 No. 15862

HMC as an official sponsor of the FIFA bestowed a great honor on the super rookie who has performed best at the recent World Cup event. On the 15th of last month, HMC gave the Hyundai Best Young Player Award to the best new player at the 2011 FIFA Womens World Cup held in Frankfurt, Germany. The award went to Caitlin Fould of Team Australia, in a ceremony attended by T. Henney, Chairwoman of the FIFA Womens World Cup; Mark Hall, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Europe; and members of the local press. Foul had shown an impressive performance, displaying unsurpassed levels of eagerness and enthusiasm and abiding by the spirit of fair play.

HMC support the event in other ways as well, including providing protocol vehicles, displaying the Hyundai Best Young Player Award tropy on an itinerary Trophy Road Show throughout Germany during the event, and helping to encourage the public support for the game in many successful ways.

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