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Hyundai Launches Euro Marketing 2012

2012.01.16 09:50:55 No. 15823

In anticipation of the Euro 2012 to take place in June 2012, Hyundai has launched the Euro 2012 Sports Marketing Campaign in the region. On January 2, Hyundai announced that it will provide 39 Hyundai vehicles for VIP protocol and other operations of the 2012 Final Team Drawing Event, which will take place at the National Palace of Arts in Kiev, Ukraine. Seven models of Hyundai cars will be provided: that is, Genesis, Sonata, i30, Starex (known as H-1 in the region), and so forth. In particular, in addition to providing Gensis for Michel Platini, President of the European Football Federation who will be participating in the event,

Hyundai will also provide Genesis, i40, and others for the actual Europ 2012 games. Hyundai, which was an official sponsor of Euro 2008, is again an of?cial sponsor of Euro 2012 and Euro 2016. Euro 2012 is the most expected football event in Europe.

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