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Hyundai Motor and Ars Electronica Open Global Exhibition Exploring ‘Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet’

2018.11.07 19:00:00 No. 16065
Hyundai Motor and Ars Electronica Open Global Exhibition Exploring ‘Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet’

• The exhibition will be displayed at three Hyundai Motorstudio locations, including Beijing, Seoul and Moscow
• The partnership continues Hyundai’s global commitment to offering extraordinary experiences for people to view world famous artworks 

SEOUL, Nov. 7, 2018 — Hyundai Motor Company and Ars Electronica today announced the opening of a unique global art exhibition to be displayed at Hyundai Motorstudio locations around the world, including Seoul, Beijing, and Moscow. This is the first time that Ars Electronica’s world famous art exhibition program is partnering with a single organization to simultaneously present an exhibition in three different global locations. 

Under the theme, ‘Future Humanity – Our Shared Planet’, the exhibition addresses the future relationship between humans and machines and the interplay of culture and technology. It also explores the tension between tradition and spirituality as well as mechanization and rationalization.

“The exhibition aims to explore and express the essence of humanity as well as the importance of loving mankind, something that is at times under-acknowledged in our everyday lives which are driven by advanced technologies,” said Cornelia Schneider, Vice President and the Head of Space Innovation at Hyundai Motor. “Hyundai Motor will continue to make various efforts in conveying human-centered values that go beyond mobility technology.” 

The exhibition focuses on the social and cultural dimensions of technological progress. 25 works of art by 19 artists will be on display almost simultaneously, but divided among the Hyundai Motorstudios located in Beijing, Seoul, and Moscow. 

In particular, the opening ceremony of the China exhibition was held together with the 2nd Hyundai Blue Prize Award on November 7, introducing new Chinese curators. The two winners of the prize will be presenting their work respectively under the theme of "Future Humanity" at Hyundai Motorstudio in Beijing.

Martin Honzik, director of Ars Electronica Festival, Qiu Zhijie, Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Artistic director of the Chinese Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale, and Daehyung Lee, Artistic director of the Korean Pavilion at the 2017 Venice Biennale, will co-lead the curation, which will show three different views of three curators in different dimensions who came from different geographical and cultural backgrounds.

Ars Electronica Festival is a world-renowned media art festival that began in Linz, Austria in 1979, and is a major stage of art, innovative technology, and ideas that inspire people around the world. Hyundai Motor became an official sponsor of the event this year.

Ars Electronica collaborates with artists, scientists, technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs and social activists from all over the world to share innovative visions, ideas and projects. For the past two years, Hyundai Motor and Ars Electronica have been working closely together in the artificial intelligence field. 

First opening in Seoul, Korea in 2014, Hyundai Motorstudios are brand experience zones that convey the company’s artistic spirit and experimental approach to design. The word ‘motor’ captures the essence of Hyundai, and the word ‘studio’ refers to a place for contemplating and creating new things. Since its inception a total of six Hyundai Motorstudios have opened around the world, four in Korea, and one in China and Russia, amassing approximately 3.65 million visitors so far. 

The partnership continues Hyundai’s global commitment to creating better access to art for people, and is part of a unique series of long-term relationships that the company has established with leading art institutions around the world. Hyundai Motor has also initiated partnerships with the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Korea (MMCA), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) and Tate Modern in the United Kingdom. 

Exhibition Details:

Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing

- Opening: November 7th, 2018 / Closing: February 28th, 2019
- Artists: Michele Spanghero (IT), Shinseungback Kimyonghun (KR), Mary Flanagan (US), Memo Akten (TR), Toby Kiers, Isaac Monté (NL), Amy Karle (US), Lining Yao (US/CN), Jifei Ou (CN), DEPART (AT), Etsuko Ichihara (JP), Dan Chen (TW/US), Long Xingru & Zhou Jiangshan (CN), Wang Yuyang (CN), Dent Hanbin, Zhang Sitian (CN)

Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul

- Opening: November 9th, 2018 / Closing: February 28th, 2019
- Artists: Yangachi (KR), ROOMTONE (KR), LEE Jangwon (KR)

Hyundai Motorstudio Moscow

- Opening: November 24th, 2018 / Closing: February 28th, 2019
- Artists: ::vtol:: aka Dmitry Morozov (RU), STAIN (RU)

Description and Credit for Photo 1 & 2 

Photo 1
1) Title: The Art of Deception
2) Artist: Isaac Monté, Toby Kiers
3) Description: With this collection of 21 transformed hearts we explore how biological interventions and aesthetic manipulation can be used as tools for the ultimate deception: the transformation of inner beauty, from grotesque to perfect. Can the ghost organ be a blank canvas for designers? Can organs be objects of design? Will humans be able to manipulate organs for aesthetic purposes? The discarded dead hearts will not function as canonical organs, but rather as a representation of how far science can manipulate the human body.
4) Credit: Ars Electronica / Vanessa Graf

Photo 2
1) Title: The Lacuna Shifts
2) Artist: DEPART
3) Description: Alice in Wonderland inspired the artists’ collective named DEPART to create this virtual reality application that immerses users into a world behind the looking glass in which nothing is the way it seems. Walls move, objects begin to speak, and gravity ceases to operate. The space is incessantly changing, depending on one’s point of view. The use of a real-time 3-D environment lets visitors experience this realm of wonders that has new surprises in store each time you step inside.
4) Credit: Ars Electronica / Vanessa Graf

Photo Caption for Photo 7 

(from left) Qiu Zhijie, Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts / Martin Honzik, Director of Ars Electronica Festival / Elaine W. Ng, Chief Editor of Art Asia Pacific / Wei Ying, 2018 Hyundai Blue Prize ‘Sustainability Award’ Winner / Euisun Chung, Executive Vice Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group / Long Xingru, 2018 Hyundai Blue Prize ‘Creativity Award’ Winner / Li Zhenhua, Curator & Artist / Mariano Sardón, Multimedia Artist

- Ends - 

About Ars Electronica
Since 1979, Ars Electronica has been seeking out connections and congruities, causes and effects in areas where art, technology and society intersect. The ideas and visions that we adopt, develop, and apply are innovative, radical and eccentric in the best sense. Ideas and visions that already shape our lives today and will change our world tomorrow. 

Ars Electronica is a cultural, educational, and research institution in the city of Linz with many divisions: the Ars Electronica Festival, the Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica Center, Ars Electronica EXPORT, Ars Electronica Futurelab, Ars Electronica Solutions, Ars Electronica Japan and Ars Electronica Education. All these divisions mutually inspire each other, forming a creative feedback loop that focuses on the issues of the future at the crossroads of art, technology and society. Ars Electronica is active all around the globe and enjoys a high-profile international reputation.

More information about Ars Electronica can be found at:

About Hyundai Motor Company
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond with its range of world-class vehicles and mobility services offered available in more than 200 countries. Employing more than 110,000 employees worldwide, Hyundai sold more than 4.5 million vehicles globally. Hyundai Motor continues to enhance its product line-up with vehicles that are helping to build solutions for a more sustainable future, such as NEXO – the world’s first dedicated hydrogen-powered SUV.

More information about Hyundai Motor Company and its products can be found at: or

Disclaimer: Hyundai Motor Company believes the information contained herein to be accurate at the time of release. However, the company may upload new or updated information if required and assumes that it is not liable for the accuracy of any information interpreted and used by the reader. 

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Hyundai Motor Company
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