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Hyundai Motor Company Accident Free School Bus donation

2016.05.18 18:13:15 No. 15793

The Hyundai Motor Company Accident Free School Bus donation

Hyundai Motor Company School Bus is up and running to promote the safety of children!

Let’s meet a very special school bus made by Hyundai Motor Company!
Playing outdoors is an important part of childhood. All children need to get outside and connect with their bodies and their world. But, outdoor play can present physical dangers that parents may find downright disturbing. Children can easily fall and hurt themselves, play dangerous games that result in harm to others, and even be exposed to the danger of car accidents. Hyundai Motor Company understands such worries of parents about their children and has designed a special device to promote their safety- ‘an Accident Free School Bus.’ Now, we are going to attend the donation ceremony of Hyundai Motor Company to meet with this special school bus.

The ceremony was held at the Seoul Grand Children’s Park on May 4th. Ten yellow school buses caught the eyes of visitors on that day. They were the ‘Accident Free School Buses,’ designed by Hyundai Motor Company. These buses are designed with diverse features to keep children safe.


In the pictures above, you can see two special stickers. One is &#39The Wings of Angels,' which has been distributed by Hyundai Auto since September 2008. The other one is &#39No Overtaking School Bus,' which was designed for &#39Accident Zero Campaign' to support the safety of children on the road.

In the picture on the left, children are entering the event venue. They looked at the yellow school bus with curiosity. They waved their hands and gave the thumbs up sign to express their delight.

A great effort by Hyundai Motor Company to prevent school bus accidents
The event began with an opening greeting statement. In this greeting statement, Taeun Kim, an General Manager of Hyundai Motor said that the fatal accident involving the toddler Saerim had galvanized Hyundai Motor Company to invent an “Accident Free School Bus” in order to prevent potential accidents.

As most of us still remember, a 3 year-old girl, Saerim, was killed by a school bus operated by the child-care center that she attended. It is important to be aware of school buses ?and the children getting on and off those buses. The government announced a special traffic law to enforce the safety and well-being of children on the road after the incident. Unfortunately, similar accidents occurred even after the announcement of the special law. In March, 2016, Hyundai Motor Company started an ‘Accident Zero Campaign’ to promote the safety and security of children on the road. During this campaign, Hyundai Motor Company has updated the safety system of school buses. The executive of Hyundai Motor Company, Taeun Kim, promised to support a safety system for school buses operated by child-care centers. Everyone at the event gave him a big round of applause.


The executive of “Citizen’s Coalition for Safety,” Jungsul Lee, made a statement after Mr. Kim. He said that he was so grateful for the contribution of Hyundai Motor Company to promote the safety of children. He said that he would like to see no more school bus accidents from now on. We ardently hope that his words come true.

Running Safer with the Hyundai Motor Company School Bus!
Following the opening greetings came the moment that everyone was waiting for. 10 yellow school buses were donated to child-care center in need of school buses. On March 25th, Hyundai Motor Company opened up a 15-day application period to apply for a school bus. 10 child-care centers were selected among many other centers since they are located either in frequent accidents spots or in remote areas. Some of them serve disabled children.

The directors of these facilities were excited to see the inside of the bus. They learned how to use the new technological devices in the bus and looked around the inside carefully. Generally a school bus has safety items such as flashing red lights, a front mirror, a child protection sign, a rear sensor, and a stop sign. The Accident Free School bus is equipped with four more items for the safety - an around view, a GPS tracking app, a forward security system, and seating verification system. A key priority for bus drivers when driving is to have proper sightlines around their vehicle. Thus, Hyundai Motor Company has designed this school bus with a sophisticated mirror system, ‘Around View.’ This special device will enable bus drivers to see blind spots created by the school bus. A ‘GPS tracking app’ is a safe and secure parent notification method. Parents will be able to know where the school bus is and when their children will get off the school bus.

“All the concerns that I have as I drive a school bus seem to have been solved. This is awesome!” said a school bus driver.

Hyundai Motor Company never stops in its effort to promote the safety and security of children on the road.
At the event, children walked and ran around the buses. “Come and see! This bus has ears on top of the head!” said a kid with an excitement. Another child said that she would wipe all the windows of the bus and kiss it every day, displaying a big smile. All the children seemed to love this special school bus.  

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