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Hyundai Motor Company Announces ‘Social Intelligence’ as New Focus for Hyundai Blue Prize 2019

2019.03.22 20:00:00 No. 16169

 New theme acknowledges importance of ability to discover social issues while predicting and coping with the ever-changing nature of Chinese society

 Updated jury roster includes eight Chinese officials and six international experts

 Last year’s Hyundai Blue Prize-winning exhibition ‘Quasi-Nature: Bio Art, Borderline and Laboratory’ open to the public at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing


BEIJING, Mar. 22, 2019 Hyundai Motor Company today announced at a press conference, its new focus for this year’s entries for the ‘Hyundai Blue Prize’ ― an annual award given to emerging curators with insightful approaches to presenting the complexities of contemporary Chinese society. 


Dubbed ‘Social Intelligence’, the new theme acknowledges the importance of human-unique abilities in discovering social issues while predicting and coping with the ever-changing nature of society. Under this new motif, the Hyundai Blue Prize 2019 project aims to recognize more emerging young curators and assist them in converting their innovative concepts from various art fields into reality.


Also announced during the press conference, which was held at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing located at the 798 Art District of China’s capital, was this year’s roster of jury members. The list of junior jury members includes eight Chinese officials while the senior jury consists of six eminent international experts of contemporary arts. 


In conjunction with the announcements, ‘Quasi-Nature: Bio Art, Borderline and Laboratory’ opened its doors to the public at Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing. This exhibition has been curated by Jo Wei, who won the ‘Creativity’ category of last year’s Hyundai Blue Prize. Wei’s exhibition examines the social, political and ethical ramifications of biotechnology, new relations between humans and non-humans, and the scientific laboratory as a place to create art. The exhibition will run until June 16, and then hand the baton to multimedia artist Long Xingru, who won the prize for the ‘Sustainability’ category. Details on Long’s exhibition will be released later this year.


The Hyundai Blue Prize focuses on seeking the most creative and innovative ideas rather than the experience level of the applicants. Each year, young Chinese curators submit exhibition proposals around a theme that intersects with the essence of Hyundai’s long-term vision. Up to six shortlisted curators are offered a ‘One-on-One Mentorship’ from senior jury members, which seeks to aid applicants preparing their final proposals while also helping them make connections with the art world and explore their full potential.


Against the backdrop of economic growth, internationalization and rapid innovation – forces that are changing the way that people in China live – Hyundai Motorstudio Beijing is an important addition to the country’s art scene, whilst serving as a platform for the company to explore new ideas that bring together advanced technology, contemporary art and environmental sustainability. Through its commitment to the Hyundai Blue Prize, interdisciplinary exhibitions and rich cultural programs, Hyundai is helping people make sense of the world around them.


Hyundai Motorstudios are brand experience zones that convey the company’s artistic spirit and experimental approach to design. This is where ‘motor’ – a word used for the automobile industry – and ‘studio’ – a word that refers to a place for contemplating and creating a new lifestyle – converge in a way that is accessible for the public.


The Beijing site is the second Hyundai Motorstudio to open outside of Korea, with the other situated in Moscow, Russia. The first-ever such installation opened in Seoul, Korea in 2014, with three additional Motorstudio sites in Korea (Hanam, Gyeonggi Province; Goyang, Gyeonggi Province; COEX, Seoul) completing the global network of contemporary art and brand facilities. As of last year, more than 3.6 million visitors have visited Hyundai Motorstudios worldwide.

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