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Hyundai Motor Company visits mural painting site at Asan Onyang cheon Eco Park

2016.07.08 16:23:35 No. 15791

Hyundai Motor Company visits mural-painting site at Asan Onyang

-cheon Eco Park

Green Onyang-cheon painted by Hyundai Motor Company and University of Seoul students

Hyundai Motor Company has been always concerned about protecting our green earth and promoting a clean environment. That is why it

has always tried its  best to improve the environment more than any other company. Among the projects that Hyundai Motor Company has

been working on, the <Asan Onyang-cheon 1 company 1 stream> initiative is immensely popular with citizens. <Asan Onyang-cheon

1 company 1 stream>, which is a philanthropic initiative conducted by Hyundai Motor with five other organizations, has improved the water

quality and aquatic ecosystems of Onyang-cheon, Asan.



Through the continuous effort of Hyundai Motor Company over  the last five years since 2012, Asan Onyang-cheon has been transformed

into an Eco park where pure water, rated as second grade water, runs. The environmental condition of Asan Onyang-cheon has improved

so much that the indigenous fish species Abbottina springeri thrives here. In addition, stepping-stones have been laid across the stream 

to add an aesthetic touch. However, Hyundai Motor Company was not satisfied yet. A beautiful and comfortable resting area is still missin

g, in the opinion of the company. From June 24 to 26, Hyundai Motor Company and University of Seoul students joined forces to rectify this


Hyundai Motor Company adds happiness to Asan Onyang-cheon

"I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Hyundai Motor Company and University of Seoul students who are making a great effort to preserv

e the local environment in these difficult economic times that affect  everybody."

In front of Sindong Bridge at Onyang-cheon Eco Park, a mural-painting voluntary activity commenced with Mayor Kim Young-bum&#39s moving 

speech. Volunteers painted murals on a bridge post which had previously been an empty space and started preparations to create a resti

ng area for citizens. 36 summer mural-painting volunteers of University of Seoul participated in this Onyang-cheon Eco Park mural-painting

project. In addition, the Hyundai Motor factory manager, Lee Sang-hoon, Deputy Mayor of Asan, Kim Young-bum, President of Onyang 3-d

ong Saemael(New Community) Organization, Kim Sung-man, and Chairman of Cheonan-Asan Federation of Environmental Movement, Shin

Eon-suk, graced the occasion with their presence.

On that day, they were busy doing groundwork before painting the mural. Head of the Safe-Environment Team, Park Sung-ho also rolled

up his sleeves to work with the students. Despite the warm and humid weather, everyone was concentrating on painting the background,

with joyful faces. Lee Kyung-hee(New Materials Engineering) who joined this project as a member of the mural volunteers of University of

Seoul said, &#39I&#39m so glad that I can participate in something meaningful instead of lazing around after the exams.' Even while speaking with

a grin, she never stopped making strokes with her brush on the post. The large post of Sindong Bridge became like a sketch pad and und

er-drawing was completed according to the design.

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