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Hyundai Motor Presents ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja - Archive of Mind’

2016.07.26 13:33:00 No. 6299
Hyundai Motor Presents ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja - Archive of Mind’

Photo by GAHYUNBAIK@edgerank

Hyundai Motor Presents '
MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja - Archive of Mind’


- Hyundai Motor’s partnership with Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea supports major projects that reinforce the foundation of Korean art and culture

- Korean artist Kimsooja creates latest large-scale installation for MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016

July 26, 2016 – Internationally renowned conceptual artist Kimsooja has received the latest commission for the MMCA Hyundai Motor Series. The large-scale installation, titled ‘MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2016: Kimsooja-Archive of Mind’, will be the latest in a 10-year collaboration between Hyundai Motor and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. The partnership between the car manufacturer and the world-renowned art institution aims to instil the field of Korean contemporary art with fresh attitudes and new, invigorating possibilities.
With the next MMCA Hyundai Motor Series due to open at MMCA Seoul on July 27, 2016, Kimsooja will build on her much-heralded multi-discipline approach that has seen her work acclaimed around the world. ‘Archive of Mind’ encompasses nine works of creative installation, sculpture, and pictures that examine KimSooja’s enduring interest in the meaning of oneself, others and the relationship between them. Through an exhibition that transcends space and embraces time, the audience will be encouraged to think about the issue of healing and regeneration while contemplating the conflicting concepts of tradition and modern, and distinctiveness and universality.
Wonhong Cho, Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor, said “We at Hyundai Motor are delighted to present Kimsooja’s biggest solo exhibition in Korea through the <MMCA Hyundai Motor Series>. We hope that our continuous support and interest will contribute to the development of the Korean art scene and provide valuable opportunities for many people.”
Exhibitions such as those at the Centre Pompidou Metz, France (2015), The Korean Pavilion at Venice Biennale (2013), and P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center, MOMA (2001) have established Kimsooja’s reputation as a representative contemporary artist of Korea. Now based in New York, Paris and Seoul, she also represented Korea at the 24th São Paulo Biennale in 1998 and has participated in more than 30 international biennials and triennials.

MMCA Hyundai Motor Series is the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art’s 10-year long project inaugurated in 2014 in collaboration with Hyundai Motor Company to support solo exhibitions of distinguished Korean artists. The series commissions large-scale new works to artists with distinctive practices, with Lee Bul in 2014 and Ahn Kyuchul in 2015 the first artists to be given the opportunity to explore a new trajectory for their work, to inspire creativity and reinforce the foundation of Korean art and culture.


About Hyundai Motor
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. The company leads the Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure capable of circulating resources from molten iron to finished cars. Hyundai Motor has eight manufacturing bases and seven design & technical centers worldwide and in 2015 sold 4.96 million vehicles globally. With almost 100,000 employees worldwide, Hyundai Motor continues to enhance its product line-up with localized models and strives to strengthen its leadership in clean technology, starting with the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle, Tucson Fuel Cell.
About Hyundai Motor Art Projects
Hyundai Motor has built up strong arts initiatives by partnering with global museums such as MMCA (Seoul), Tate Modern (London) and LACMA (LA) to support the development of the global art scene and contribute to the establishment of a sustainable art environment with the purpose of delivering inspiration and unique experiences to all areas of the world.
MMCA Hyundai Motor Series is a long term project between MMCA and Hyundai Motor to foster Korean art. Through the <MMCA Hyundai Motor Series>, Korean artists will gain the opportunity to access display platforms that are without parallel in their quality and which offer the chance to show work to its true potential.
In 2014, Hyundai Motor announced the unique long term partnership with Tate Modern which is intended to do more than just sponsoring art, but also going one step further to develop various projects that makes Hyundai reflect upon the values that are needed in our time. The partnership supports a range of projects in which more people than ever can participate and share. As a key part of the partnership, the Hyundai Commission will invite international artists to face the sheer scale and unique atmosphere of the Turbine Hall with a large sculpture for the space. 
The partnership with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) reveals <The Hyundai Project at LACMA>, a 10-year project (2015–24) that champions innovation in art and technology, reflecting Hyundai Motor’s forward-thinking vision. Hyundai Motor will also be supporting the “art+technology LAB” and exhibitions of pioneering artists in the field of technology-linked arts. The Korean Art Scholarship Initiative creates a new platform and model for research in these areas—key aspects of Korean art that have never before been explored on this scale in either exhibitions or books published outside Korea.
Besides the three long-term museum partnerships, Hyundai Motor and global media group Bloomberg launched a collaborative project <Brilliant Ideas> which realizes a new vision to profile major art personalities to deliver exciting insight. Also, Hyundai has been a Major Sponsor for the Venice Biennale 2015 Korean Pavillion and the 20th Biennale of Sydney.
About KimSooja
Born in Daegu, Korea in 1957, the conceptual multimedia artist KimSooja has participated in exhibitions at distinguished art museums including LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the PS1 MoMA, and the Hirshhorn Museum. She was also invited to international events such as the ‘Yokohama Triennale’ and the ‘Whitney Biennial’, and presented the Korean Pavilion at the ‘55th Venice Biennale’ in 2013.
Kim introduces traditional sewing materials such as needle, thread, cloth, and Bottari (fabric) with the action of sewing. Based on the materials and actions, she gives substance to metaphysical concepts across genres such as performance, video presentation, and installation art. Her recent works have extended to making use of immaterial elements such as light and sound.

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