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Hyundai Motor Reveals Striking Exterior for Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea

2016.05.10 18:39:00 No. 6119
Hyundai Motor Reveals Striking Exterior for Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea


Hyundai Motor Reveals Striking Exterior for
Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea
  • Latest Hyundai Motorstudio will be Korea’s largest automobile brand experience center
  • Innovative floating ‘shaped sky’ design incorporates nine floors of cultural space including exhibitions showing automobile manufacturing process
  • Hyundai Motor to deliver the ‘delight of automobiles’ through immersive customer experiences such as driving-themed experiences and various programs
May 10, 2016 - Hyundai Motor has revealed the exterior for its latest Hyundai Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea. The flagship brand showcase will be Korea’s largest such facility providing automotive and cultural experiences when it opens in early 2017, continuing Hyundai Motor’s global commitment to providing experiences that go beyond automobiles.
Located in Gyeonggi Province, just 30 minutes north-west of Seoul, Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang development started in 2013 with the goal of creating Korea’s largest cultural complex to experience the Hyundai Motor brand, automobiles and beyond. Hyundai Motor has already opened Hyundai Motorstudio in Seoul (2014) and Moscow (2015) for customers to experience new automotive culture through engaging and innovative exhibits and programs.
“Hyundai Motorstudio embodies Hyundai Motor’s long-term vision to become a lifetime partner in enriching our customers’ lives. We will communicate with even more customers through Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang and provide unique experiences that go beyond automobiles,” said Hyundai Motor Vice Chairman Eui-sun Chung.
Each studio operates under a specific theme - Hyundai Motorstudio Seoul is a space to feel the brand though culture and art while Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang will be a cultural space for customers to discover the delight of automobiles. The latest Motorstudio will provide an attraction for families with children or young people who are in their twenties and thirties with theme park-style experiences.
Designed by Austria’s world-renowned architecture firm DMAA (Delugan Meissl Associated Architects) under the concept of ‘shaped sky’, the first and second floor of Hyundai MotorStudio Goyang is surrounded by glass, making the third floor appear to be floating like a spaceship. Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang covers a total of 16,719m² consisting of fourteen floors, with nine floors above ground and four basement floors.
At the new Motorstudio in Goyang, Hyundai Motor plans to run special exhibition zones, driving-themed experiences, service centers, event spaces, food and beverage facilities and brand shops. The center will showcase the manufacturing process of automobiles and bring to life the car culture of tomorrow and today.
Hyundai Motor plans to expand communications with customers worldwide by establishing Hyundai Motorstudio branches in Goyang, Beijing and other major cities in the world. More information about Hyundai Motorstudio can be found at:

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Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. The company leads the Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure capable of circulating resources from molten iron to finished cars. Hyundai Motor has eight manufacturing bases and seven design & technical centers worldwide and in 2015 sold 4.96 million vehicles globally. With more than 110,000 employees worldwide, Hyundai Motor continues to enhance its product line-up with localized models and strives to strengthen its leadership in clean technology, starting with the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle, ix35 Fuel Cell and IONIQ, the world’s first model with three electrified powertrains in a single body type.
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