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Hyundai Motor reveals teaser of latest high-performance model, the all-new i20 N

2020.10.07 07:10:00 No. 16543
Hyundai Motor reveals teaser of latest high-performance model, the all-new i20 N
  1. · Hyundai Motor is launching the all-new i20 N, its latest high-performance model, bringing the thrills of racing to the i20 range
  • · Inspired by the i20 WRC rally car, the all-new i20 N will contribute to an all-round sporty experience
  • · The all-new i20 N’s uncompromising and powerful design is boosted by a number of features taken from the world of motorsport
  • · Hyundai reveals first taste of Hyundai i20 N exhaust sound

SEOUL, October 7, 2020 — Hyundai Motor has revealed a first teaser of its latest high-performance model, the all-new i20 N, a racetrack-capable hot hatch based on the all-new i20 and inspired by the i20 WRC rally car.

As with other Hyundai N models, the all-new Hyundai i20 N offers exclusive engine performance and dynamic technology innovations to satisfy performance-oriented enthusiasts. The latest model joins the i30 N and i30 Fastback N among Hyundai’s high-performance line-up in Europe.

The all-new i20 N’s design features a dynamic overall look based on Hyundai’s new Sensuous Sportiness design identity, which gives the car a powerful appearance. The front is dominated by a larger air intake for the turbo engine and brake cooling. At the side, bespoke 18-inch wheels with a grey matte finish and N-branded brake callipers, as well as unique side sills, underline its sporty credentials. A distinctive rear spoiler enhances its aerodynamic performance so that it is fun to drive on any road and in all weather conditions.

Meanwhile, the all-new i20 N’s Performance Blue livery, which is exclusive to Hyundai N models, and Phantom Black roof for an optional two-tone style, as well as red exterior accents further emphasise Hyundai’s motorsport DNA. 

To offer N-thusiasts a further glimpse into the i20 N experience, the car’s exhaust sound has also been teased in a short clip that reveals the characteristic tone of Hyundai N.

More details will be revealed soon.

Note: the exhaust sound is taken from a pre-production car. The specification of the i20 N is still being finalized, including the exhaust sound.

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