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Hyundai Motor Unveils Innovative Mobility Concepts

2013.10.16 18:04:00 No. 2004
Hyundai Motor Unveils Innovative Mobility Concepts

The winning Real Racing entry is demonstrated.

Hyundai Motor Unveils Innovative Mobility Concepts
For Future Customers

- The 4th IDEA Festival held at Namyang R&D center in Korea to enhance and
expand engineers’ creativity and discover new ideas on future mobility
 - Based on the theme ‘R&D for the Customer,’ 10 teams presented their ideas on innovative and advanced-technology mobility during the final match
Oct. 16, 2013 Hyundai Motor Company revealed unique future mobility concepts created by its engineers and designers at the Namyang R&D center in Korea for an annual internal contest called the IDEA Festival. Based on the theme ‘R&D for the Customer,’ 10 teams competed to present the most innovative ideas on mobility that focus on how best to meet customers’ needs in the future.
For the past four years, Hyundai has been organizing the IDEA festival, an internal competition with the goal of enhancing the R&D employees’ creativity, allowing them to produce new ideas on future mobility. Last April, each team of four to seven engineers submitted creative ideas, from which 10 were chosen to enter the finals. In the following five months, these ideas were turned into prototypes and demonstrated on the day of the festival.
Keeping in mind the four concepts of ‘Challenge, Creativity, Fun and Participation,’ Hyundai Motor’s engineers presented innovative and advanced technology-equipped mobility at the festival. Each team made an effort to reflect customers’ suggestions and extensively interviewed car owners beforehand to understand all their needs.
The competition winner was the Real Racing Team, which uses head-up display technology to simulate a racing game. Various components in the car -- including the brake system and steering wheel as well as the front window -- can transform to create an actual video gaming experience.
One customer who participated in the festival commented, “It was fun and exciting to experience creative ideas on mobility in the future. Hyundai Motor really puts customers’ needs first.” Hyundai Motor plans to exhibit the award-winning projects at both national and global motor shows, as well as at other events, to showcase its R&D staff’s creativity.

Ideas submitted for the IDEA Festival 2013:


- Makes driving without using the handle and pedal possible    with sensors inside the Glove, allowing for control with only hand motions.

- Can fold itself up to relieve parking problems in crowded metropolitan areas.
Healing Cruise
- A combination of head-up display and biometric technology analyzes body signals inside the car, and owners can create potential energy by cycling inside the car.

Space +
- Car components can replace home supplies. For example, car audio can replace home audio when it is connected to the owners’ house.

Real Racing in Hyundai
- Using head-up display technology, the car offers a racing game experience.
Parking King
- Using the blue-tooth system of smart phones, a mini robot rolls underneath the car and lifts it for easy parking.
- When worn, allows for easy personal mobility for those suffering from joint pain.
E.U. M.(Expandable Urban Mobility)
- A multi-purpose detachable wheel controlled by a smart-phone can be used to power everything from bikes to carts, baby strollers and scooters.

W.I.S.H. (Walking Intellectual Supporter with Healthcare)
- A mobile walking stick powered by electric motors with heart sensor and brainwave measuring device installed on the top of the stick.

- A machine that automatically follows wherever the owner goes, especially useful for shopping purposes as the machine can function as a cart.


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