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Hyundai Motors: A Dream Compass

2015.11.17 16:20:25 No. 15796

Hyundai Motors: A Dream Compass

<2015 Finding Three Leaf Clovers ? Dream Concert>

There is a famous saying for young people: “A dream is not about speed; it’s about direction.” Indeed, finding a vocation is essential and tricky at the same time, which is why pacemakers are needed for the young generation. Hyundai Motors has been supporting college students and those who lost their parents in traffic accidents through the project. Recently, Hyundai Motors held the to encourage and motivate young people. At the <2015 Dream Concert>, experts in various fields, college students (mentors), and teenagers (mentees) got together and shared their passion.

* <2015 Dream Concert> for ‘Finding Three Leaf Clovers’ Project
On October 24, college students (mentors) and teenagers (mentees) gathered at the <2015 Dream Concert>. As the members have got to know each other and developed friendships and camaraderie since the opening ceremony, warm greetings and affectionate hugs were exchanged. The participants looked upbeat and excited and expectations were high.

At the <2015 Dream Concert>, staff members and executives of Hyundai Motors (mentoring trainers) and experts in various fields (mentors) met the members of the program. To offer the most efficient and effective ways to support young people, the company has long been taking heed of what the mentors and mentees say. With an understanding of the importance of effective and clear career mentoring, Hyundai Motors organized and held this event.

* Deliver Band’s Opening Concert: Empathy and Inspiration
“Hello, everyone!” The first itinerary of the concert was Deliver Band’s opening performance. As the vocalist Lee Jeong-Gyu stood on the stage, the members enthusiastically welcomed the artists with warm applause. The band sang a series of inspirational Korean songs including ‘A Goose’s Dream’ and ‘You are not alone’. This young artists’ passion seemed to resonate with the young audience.

In addition, the band communicated with the participants during their performance and tried to give advice. One participant, mentee Youn Dong-Hyuk, sought advice and asked the artists questions. When he confidently said that his dream is to be a model, the audience gave a warm round of applause. As time went by, both the band members and participants became more excited and truly engaged in the event.

Before the career mentoring began, participants gathered for lunch, where the sounds of laughter and lively chatter could be heard. The members told some funny stories, and talked about hardships and breakthroughs they had experienced. They also seemed to have high expectations about the mentoring program and looked forward to meeting their mentors. With the warm, affectionate mood in the air, lunch time ended.

* Experts’ Career Mentoring: Advice based on experience
The career mentoring program began. A total of 14 experts -including broadcasting writer Kim Bu-Yeon, sand artist Park Seon-Gyung and chef Han Young-mi- joined the event. Moreover, the staff and executives at the Sales & Planning divisionand Human Resources Development Division of Hyundai Motors were there, too, in order to encourage teenagers to pursue their dreams. They were all ready to give quality advice to the young dream-seekers. Both the ‘Finding Three Leaf Clovers’ members and mentors looked very excited.

“At the Human Resources Development Division, we conduct training and decide whom to place where.” said Song Seon-Il, the mentoring trainer and an officer of Hyundai Motors. He gave detailed information on the role of HR department. The mentees, who got to clearly learn about what they did not know before, looked satisfied and serious. In the present economic circumstances, finding a job is a matter of great concern for not only college students but also teenagers. When the topics‘career path’ and ‘job seeking’were discussed, a lot of the participants talked about their worries and difficulties. “Do not try to fit your dream into somebody’s expectations. Just focus on your potential, which is next to limitless.” The mentors, who experienced such anxieties and nervousness themselves, gave advice that were based on real experiences.

Meanwhile, the staff members at Sales & Planning Division and teenager mentees engaged in fruitful conversations and discussions. To begin with, Lee Byung-Gil, a mentoring trainer and a member of Planning Division, asked the young participants about their likes and dislikes. When Lee told recounted how he had experienced difficulties finding his vocation, the mentors and mentees could readily empathize and were encouraged to talk more openly and frankly. The members also learned about the role of Planning Division at Hyundai Motors. “I was impressed by the passion and diligence of the young generation. What’s quite surprising was that they had a clear goal in their life.” said Jeong Jong-Min, a mentoring trainer and an officer at the Sales Division. “I’m glad that I could help these enthusiastic young people” Jeong said with a bright smile.

At the ‘Broadcasting Career Mentoring’ group, where teenagers interested in broadcasting, writing and media gathered, writer Kim Bu-Yeon gave a talk about areas of work where writers can find jobs and how to get one’s career started. The college students and teenagers had lots of questions. Kim Gi-Young, who is very interested in media and broadcasting, asked “How do broadcasting writers develop their own ideas?” The mentoring trainer shared his know-how on how to brainstorm for ideas. The participants were able to learn in detail about the life of writers including their daily schedules, incomes, and schedule management.

Would-be-teachers shared a room with mentor Choi Gwan-Ha who is a poet, lyric writer, columnist, and mentor to teenagers. The members of ‘Finding Three Leaf Clovers’ shared their personal stories as well as asking many questions about finding jobs. Choi also shared his experiences of growing up and strived to give good advice to the young people. “After I become a teacher, if I have a mischievous student, how should I handle him/her?” asked mentee Lee Chan-Jin. Mr. Choi shared his story about a special student and the members listened intently.

At the mentoring group for the ‘Police-wanna-be’, a series of questions, answers and sounds of laughter

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