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Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited Donates Vehicles for the Lagos Marathon in Nigeria

2011.12.14 16:56:52 No. 15835

The Lagos State Sports Endowment Fund in Nigeria hosts the Lagos Marathon each year, as part of  the Nigerian Independence Corporate Run, so as to encourage public participation in sports and raise the required funds. The Nigerian office of Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited donated Verna GLS for the winner of a lucky draw at the marathon, believing that the event helps to improve the Nigerian citizens’ lives and mental health.


Kiran Parab, marketing director of Hyundai Motors Nigeria Limited, said of the participation:  Hyundai encourages the advancement of popular sports in various countries.” Babatunde Bank-Anthony, Secretary-General of the Lagos State Sports Endowment Fund, said that the aim of the marathon is to encourage local sports and help the public embrace a public athletic culture. The marathon attracted not only amateurs, but also famous trackand-?elds stars under the slogan of “Let’s run for a healthier Nigeria and a rewarding future.”

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