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Hyundai Takes 3rd Place On Czech Market After First Quarter

2011.04.07 00:00:00 No. 1140
Hyundai takes 3rd place on Czech market after first quarter
-       Hyundai maintains the succesful expansion – in first quarter was the 3rd most sold brand in Czech Republic
-       Historical monthly sales record exceeded
-       The highest year-on-year increase of sales – compare to year 2010 60% raise
Sales of Hyundai motorcars breaks historical sales record in Czech Republic. According to recent SDA data from March 2011 there were registred 1 248 units of new motorcars and Q1 total was 2 824 units. Compare to year 2010 it is 60% increase.
Due to these great results Hyundai took 3rd place in Czech market’s motorcar sales. Though first registration statistics puts Hyundai on 5th place, however since few years ago these statistics have been compromised by tactics of certain carmakers, with so called reexports. Briefly, it means some of competiting companies import cars to Czech Republic, register them and shortly after that large amount of units is exported to another Europian country. Actually these tactics are just a hunt for numbers which does not really display real sales to existing customers.
Eventhough there is no official statistics of real sales in Czech Republic counting with reexports, those numbers can be simply proven by Central Vehicle Register data (including certain car VIN numbers taken away from evidence to be exported with day of first registration in Czech).
Hyundai, so as many other carmakers, do however focus on real sales numbers that are a picture of success (or failure) of the brand offer and customer popularity. And Q1 results just reflects Hyundai’s extraordinary success and it’s 3rd place on market.

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