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Hyundai To Transport All National Teams At 2010 Fifa World Cup™

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Hyundai to Transport All National Teams

at 2010 FIFA World Cup™


  • Hyundai delivers 609 passenger cars, vans and 32 buses to FIFA as the official automotive supplier of 2010 FIFA World Cup™


(Johannesburg, South Africa) With just 22 days to go, Hyundai Motor Company is geared up to deliver hundreds of vehicles for the ground transportation of the world’s biggest sporting event in South Africa, including the buses that will transport all 32 teams of the qualified nations.


Hyundai Motor will hand over 609 passenger cars/vans and 32 Hyundai Universe Express Noble luxury coaches for the disposal of FIFA officials, national teams, members of the organizing committee, referees and media representatives throughout the tournament.


“We are proud to partner with FIFA during this historic football event. The opportunity to provide VIP transport at this momentous tournament gives us the high visibility we need in Africa and the world to raise awareness of our brand and products,” Mr. Sean S.H. Kim, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Motor’s Marketing Division, said today during the official handover ceremony at Soccer City in Johannesburg.


Mr. Kim symbolically presented an oversized car key to FIFA secretary general Jérôme Valcke in front of the full fleet display. Forming the display was the Hyundai Universe Express Noble right-hand drive luxury coaches that were specially manufactured for the games. The national team buses on display were vibrantly decorated with national team colors, flags and the winning slogans of the ‘Be There with Hyundai’ competition, a unique global initiative run by Hyundai that called for the public to submit slogans for their own team buses.


“Today’s important vehicle handover sees the final logistical plans for 2010 being put into place,” said Alan Ross, CEO of Hyundai Automotive South Africa, Hyundai’s local distributor. “We highly value our sponsorship of football and are looking forward to showcasing our brand new buses as well as being responsible for the transport of all teams for the duration of the FIFA World Cup, including South Africa’s national team, Bafana Bafana,” added Mr. Ross.


Hyundai is proud of its 11-year strong association with FIFA, during which the company has demonstrated itself to be a reliable and effective partner by serving as the official automotive supplier to all FIFA-sanctioned events around the world. Hyundai is currently one of FIFA’s top partners and has extended its strategic sponsorship agreement with FIFA to cover the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in Brazil.


In addition to the delivery of cars, Hyundai will operate a 24-hour emergency office and deploy about 80 Hyundai mechanical staff to be on stand-by throughout the games at 10 stadiums in nine locations in case emergency support for the fleet is needed. The staff will also provide “Before Service,” a service that allows Hyundai owners to have their cars checked by qualified mechanics and to learn how to conduct simple inspections to prevent problems in advance.


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