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Hyundai Unveils 20-Second Advertisement… On A Billboard!

2012.05.18 09:08:00 No. 130
Hyundai unveils 20-second advertisement… on a billboard!
Offenbach, June 21 2010
Hyundai has revealed an impressive 200-meter advertisement outside the departure terminal of Frankfurt International Airport, to increase awareness of the Hyundai brand among the 11 million passengers who use the airport annually.
It takes approximately 20 seconds for vehicles approaching the airport to pass the advertisement, giving Hyundai a unique opportunity to convey its message to millions of travelers.  The current campaign on the 600 square meter billboard encourages travelers to “Feel the Game” by participating in events organized by the company to celebrate the FIFA 2010 World CupTM, taking place in South Africa during June and July. 
The billboard ad depicts fans of all 32 qualified nations celebrating their countries’ involvement in the tournament, being watched at home by billions of people worldwide.  Hyundai, however, does not want football fans to simply enjoy the tournament from the comfort of their armchair.  Instead, the company is inviting fans to visit one of the 15 Hyundai Fan Parks located across Europe and enjoy the festivities and events on offer.
The advertisement, which will spread a different message after this year’s tournament comes to an end, also features the new i30 and ix35 models, as well as referencing the company’s Five Year Triple Care initiative, available on both of these vehicles.  The plan offers European motorists the ultimate peace of mind, providing five-year, bumper-to-bumper, unlimited-mileage warranty; five years’ roadside assistance; and a five-year vehicle health-check plan.   
Allan Rushforth, Vice President of Hyundai Motor Europe, comments, “People say that a picture can paint a thousand words.  Well, this billboard does just that in over 30 languages.   The World Cup offers a unique opportunity for people of all nations to come together and celebrate their love of football in an exciting and peaceful environment.  We’ve seen from the coverage of the tournament so far how much this event means to those involved, and Hyundai is encouraging active participation through this advertisement.”
“Furthermore, this piece of high-impact advertising outside an airport that welcomes millions of passengers on a monthly basis demonstrates Hyundai’s status as a major player in the European automotive market.  We are dedicated to further increasing awareness of the Hyundai brand across Europe, and this prominent billboard position will give us a huge audience.” 

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