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Hyundai Unveils An Interior Shot Of All-New Avante

2010.07.20 00:00:00 No. 155

Hyundai Unveils an Interior Shot of All-New Avante


(July 20, 2010) Hyundai Motor Company unveils an interior shot of its all-new Avante (badged as Elantra in markets outside Korea), codenamed MD, ahead of the car’s official launch in the Korea domestic market in August.  With Hyundai’s new design concept called the ‘Wind Craft,’ the new Avante’s interior projects a dynamic and futuristic image that is aimed at the younger generation.


In particular, the silver garnish that starts from the crash pad and leads to the console features a windblown shape that exudes an overall refined and dynamic image.  High-glossy black and metallic colors used in the cabinet add more futuristic and high-tech looks to the interior of the all-new Avante.

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