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Hyundai Wages a Worldwide Blood Donation Drive

2011.10.24 14:15:53 No. 15948

Over 100,000 employees of Hyundai Motor Company worldwide rolled up their sleeves to participate in the company’s global blood donation drive. Hyundai(headed by Chung Monggoo) declared on March 18 the period from mid-March to mid-April a period of the Global Blood Donation Drive, to be participated by its employees. The campaign will be participated by over 100,000 people working at the 30 locations of Hyundai within Korea as well as the four Hyundai offices abroad, as well as at the 17 other affiliate companies belonging to Hyundai Motor Group, such as Kia Motors, Hyundai Mobis, Hyundai Steel,and so forth.  he campaign is a major activity that tests and affirms Hyundai’s global status as a worldclass leading automaker, as it draws every year participation from more than 10,000 employees of Hyundai working at its four overseas offices in the United States, India, Turkey, and Slovakia. The blood donation activities in Korea tend to be slow during the winter, making the season a critical period for blood supply to medical institutes. The blood donation drive will make a significant contribution to solving this problem, while providing Hyundai employees with an opportunity to volunteer and do their work for the wider community. Hyundai Motor Group has conducted this yearly campaign group-wide since 2004, receiving highly favorable reception from the participants. Since June 2007, Hyundai has been conducting at least more than one  large-scale company-wide blood donation drive each year in conjunction with Red Cross Korea, actively promoting the importance of blood donation and holding ceremonies in which employees promise donation of their blood.

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