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Inaugurating the Global Youth Volunteers Corps

2011.11.23 17:55:25 No. 15870

HMC engages in a variety of social commitment and volunteering programs, targeting the younger generations to participate in so as to help them grow into future leaders. The diverse programs cultivating characters and providing support for education are intended to encourage next-generation leaders.

In the summer and winter vacation periods each year, HMC organizes and dispatches a corps of 500 or so youth volunteers (up to 1,000 per year) overseas to such countries as China, India, Brazil, Turkey, Slovakia, and so forth, so that they could provide vital services for the local communities in the areas of medicine, environmental preservation, food provisions, and so forth. The volunteers, even after their return, continue to be active in various volunteering activities, including providing guidance for immigrant families in Korea, volunteering at facilities and organizations promoting the welfare of migrant laborers, engaging in anti-poverty efforts, participating in blood donation drives, and so on.

On June 29, HMC hosted the inauguration ceremony for the 7th Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Corps at the Grand Auditorium in the companys headquarters in Yangjae. The 500 members of this years corps will engage in volunteerism and cultural exchange in China, India, Brazil, Thailand, and Ethiopia, from early July to mid-August. Thailand and Ethiopia, as representatives, respectively, of the developing regions of Asia and Africa, were newly added to the list of countries involved. The competition to join the corps was quite intense this year (1:30), with over 15,000 applications received.

The corps is divided into groups of 60. Each group will serve for two weeks in each country, starting their service in Ethiopia first and moving onto Thailand, India, China and Brazil in that order. In China, they will participate in the Hyundai Green Zone Project that reduces the area of desert in Inner Mongolia, as well as in the Kia Village Project for the poor in the Guangzhou region. In India, environmental preservation and free medical care will be provided in Chennai. In Sao Paolo, Brazil, the volunteers will reconstruct housing for poor areas. In Adis-Ababa, Ethiopia, the volunteers will provide free medical care and build the water distribution system. Finally, in Bangkok, Thailand, they will build libraries for children and repair preschools.

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