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Korea’s Largest Civilian Overseas Volunteers Organization

2011.11.17 16:49:29 No. 15928

HMC recently held a ceremony at the main auditorium at its of?ce in Yangjae-dong to launch the ?fth Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers Corps. 500 or so members of the organization will travel to India, China and Brazil and provide volunteer services, beginning on Sunday, July 11, and lasting until mid-April. The day’s launching ceremony was attended by the 500 university students making up the corps, as well as Kwon Tae-shin, head secretary for the Prime Minister, National Assemblyman Koh Seung-deok, First DeputyMinister Shin Gak-su of Foreign Afairs and Commerce, Vice-President Yun Yeo-cheol of HMC, and other Board members of affiliated  companies within the group. Over 13,000 people applied to join the volunteers’ corps this time, raising the competition rate to 26:1 in the end. 500 people who were ?nally chosen to join the organization were selected through two-phase, rigorous selection process.

The volunteers participated in basic training programs for three days prior to their planned departure, gathering information about the areas they are visiting and taking educational and cultural exchange classes. 120 volunteers will first be dispatched to Inner Mongolia on July 11, and the next batches of volunteers will be dispatched to India, China and Brazil, respectively, until mid-April.

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