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Moving Science Class Agreement Signed

2011.11.09 17:05:35 No. 15944

The HMC plant at Jeonju (led by Song Hyeonseob), the Board of Education for Jeollabukdo (superintended by Choi Gyu-ho), and the Jeonbuk headquarters of the Children’s Fund (led by Choi Yeong-cheol) held a ceremony on Tuesday, April 20, to sign an agreement on the operation and administration of the Moving Science Class. The Moving Science Class refers to a program in which tutors and scientists visit children living in remote, rural areas of the province of Jeollabuk-do to help them learn about science in greater depth and with more fun. The program is intended to cultivate a class of scientifically better-informed and inspired students and citizens. Forty or so experts working at the Jeonju plant will team up with university students studying engineering and science, and teach children in a program that also allows children to create fun devices and tools based on scienti?c principles they learn. The Jeonju plant was running a science program at Bongseo Elementary School in Wanju-Gun, prior to expanding the program to cover the entire province in 2010. A total of 1,876 students across 38 schools in the province will benefit from this program this year. At the signing ceremony, Mun Byeong-sang, head of the General Affairs Team at the Jeonju plant, said: “It is our role to enable children to dream about the future and to make their own dreams come true. I hope this project will provide the vital opportunity for us to discover scienti?c talents in our region and helping them step closer to achieving their dreams.”

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