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Need-Based Support Program for Students

2012.01.16 09:47:50 No. 15820

HMC announced its plan on January 4 for the new major support program for children students of low-income households. The announcement described how the educational opportunities are to be expanded for university and college students, teens, and children in remote rural areas, in addition to a variety of programs providing tangible, actual benefits for 84,000 students in total over the next five years. The program is a new form of HMC’s CSR activities, providing financial aid for teens and university students, providing support for young entrepreneurs, and opening mobile clinics in rural areas. Moreover, in conjunction with major public, national projects, the program will also provide support for the development of new infrastructure, greater cultural and artistic opportunities, academic-industrial collaboration, and global CSR programs.

The Chung Mong Goo Foundation will be organizing and leading the program. A  spokesperson for the Foundation said: “We want this new program of the Chung Mong Goo Foundation to provide a fertile soil for the hopes of children of ?nancially struggling households.”


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